A 3 days long training session conducted among youth volunteers of Youth Conservations Crops (YCC) of US Forest Service, Bangladesh at Cox’ bazar during 19-21 July 2022. Total 40 participants from different segment of the society with different mindsets participated in the training session.

Participants Identity and Mindset

Assessing the identity, culture and mindsets of the participants, the training courses are re-set targeting to increase awareness, collaboration, accountability, innovation and engagement of the participants. The sessions are presented in such way that they can connected the course contents with their own social lives and experiences. Most of the session are conducted through game, story telling, groupwork and discussion on slide presentation.

  • Course content

    • Concept of Volunteerism
    • Stories of volunteerism practices
    • History and Dynamics of Volunteerism Practices
    • Volunteerism at Community and National Level
    • Management and Planning Strategies for Community Level Volunteerism (Community Mobilization) and National Level Volunteerism (Advocacy)
    • Culture of Volunteerism
    • Skills of a volunteer’s (Mind Mapping Game: Target Difference)
    • Issues of Volunteerism: Natural Resource Management
    • Social Action Plan (SAP)
    • Social Action Plan (SAP) for Natural Resource Management

Volunteers of Youth Conservation Crops

All of the participants of the training was beginner in the formal social work and social activism, but our society has vast historical background of volunteerism. So, the participants had informal volunteer experiences. The sessions contents, theories and discussion were connected with their informal experiences, so that they can participate and engage themselves in the sessions.

The sessions were designed to bring a change of the Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit (KASH). The sign and symptoms of KASH of the participants are tending to change , it showed at the behaviors – like awareness, engagement, collaboration, accountability and innovations of the participants. Hope, the nation will get some active citizen among them.

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