Facebook Mania

The hopeless people are trying to get hope at the facebook now a days. People have forgotten that there have a big difference between friends and facebook friends. The reality and the post of the facebook never the same. So, don’t waste the time in the facebook, don’t count like.



Unfortunate fate is created by fortunate!

Introduction of big farm like those in the western countries is the solution for minimizing output cost of farm production, Dr. Shamsul Alam of Planning Ministry suggested to government for transforming agriculture for 21st century. He is also against imposition of higher import duty on import agricultural commodities like rice and sugar. It’s hurting `consumer sovereignty’, he said yesterday in the 15th Annual Conference of Bangladesh Agricultural Economist Association.

What’s a solution! Reading this suggestion, only one sentence came in mind, `we are fortunate, we are not economist!’  Many of unfortunate marginalized farmers is feeding the country people, now fortunate agriculturists putting his legs on the unfortunate fate of these millions of marginalized farm producers. What’s an education?

Solidarity Entrepreneurship

When you are alone, you are very small about nothing; when you are with your family and real friends, you are something; when you are connected with others for equitable growth expressing solidarity under an association like cooperative, you could be make yourself bigger! You can bring a great change in the society with other by act together!

Many of people or institution or association has been working for a long days for bringing a positive change of poor people, but we have achieved a little more compared to the efforts and finance is spent for this purpose. Many of we are working build a nation to claim rights, but a very few react with it. Why? We have been tried to build Community based organization, institution for claiming rights, but what the the real scenario? They have a very little impacts. So, need an alternative. Need an alternative based on the necessity of community people. Without researching, we could say people want to survive. Need to develop a mechanism for ensuring their survival.

We have discussed it with our young volunteers day by day and concluded we need a solidarity among us, we need solidarity for our personal growth under an association (we called it cooperative) instead of individualism. Solidarity entrepreneurship came to our ground of thoughts for equitable growth for individual under a cooperative. Lets Try!

Empowerment of Common People

The volunteers, mostly students from different universities and colleges have given an exciting experiences for social transformation with their enthusiastic behaviors! 4 years ago, the journey started with only few volunteers to raise the youth voices against injustice, particularly injustice in the economic sector. With the volunteers, we raise demand for budgetary allocation for youth employment which yet to be undone effectively. The volunteers participated in campaign programme with different networks demanding climate justice, reforming fiscal budgetary process, online privacy, consumer rights, farmers rights! From these campaign, they learn and inspire to form an institutional process which will bring a real change within the individual and society as well!

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Who Pays for What!

Activista volunteer at Isle of ShadyThe Tax Justice campaigners from Austria briefed that for every $1 in aid to developing countries, several dollars slip out through tax dodging. As much as US$255 billion is lost every year to governments around the world because of the no or low taxation of funds in offshore centers. And Also the IF campaign lunched in UK briefed, “Enough food for everyone IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so millions of people can free themselves from hunger”.

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Prison for Personal Security!

The WSIS Forum 2013 being held in Geneva from 13-17 May 2013 for asserting future of information and communication technologies, I read a mail message today; enabling environment for information and communication technologies was also an issue for the discussants participated in WSIS Forum. I don’t know, what they discussed, it seems, they discussed about the technical issues related to ICT. Reading another news in the Huffington Post captioned, Bangladesh Bloggers Face Constants Death Threats since Government leveled them Atheist, a question arises in mind, `Have the discussants of enabling environment of WSIS Forum discussed about an enabling environment for these bloggers who are the walking inside of ICT and for what, getting a life threat from fanatic believers?

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