Bangladesh formulated its vision 2021 to build `Digital Bangladesh’. At the end of vision 2021, Bangladesh is going to enter in new era with a new vision to build `Smart Bangladesh’. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the third meeting of task force of `Digital Bangladesh’ held on 4th April 2022 spoke about `Smart Bangladesh Vision 2041’ to build `Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041. In order to build a knowledge based economy and innovative nation as well as `Smart Bangladesh, she asked to renamed the `Tasks Force of Digital Bangladesh’ to `Tasks Force of Smart Bangladesh’ at that meeting.

A various programme have been undertaken to achieve the SDG target and ensure upper-middle class incomes by 2031 and transform into a knowledge based, innovative and prosperous country by 2041, the government says. The `Smart Vision of Bangladesh, 2041’ dreams to achieve the per capita income to 12,500 US Dollar and bringing rapid changes in Agriculture, Education, Health, Transportation, Communication sectors. The dream to achieve more than 20 percent of the national GDP from ICT and technology sector as like developed countries, Bangladesh will give importance to emerging, frontier and future technologies step by step by 2025, 2031 and 2041 accordingly.

`The Smart Vision of Bangladesh, 2041’ includes some initiatives likes

  • Self-employment training initiative under digital inclusion for vulnerable exception programme to build up inclusive digital society by mainstreaming the marginalized folks to the national development.
  • Laptop given to each student under one student, one laptop, on dream programme to ensure participation of students in online education.
  • Establishment of digital leadership academy around Bangladesh and build up as Start Up enterprises of SMEs
  • Establishment of Alternative School for startup educators of tomorrow’s (ASSET) under Bangladesh Computer Council.
  • Establishment of Knowledge Development Park under Authority of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park.
  • Establishment of Centre for Learning Innovation and Creation of Knowledge (CLICK) under Bangladesh Computer Council.
  • Establishment of Agency for Knowledge on Aeronautical and Space Horizon (AKASH) under Information and Communication Technology Department.
  • Establishment of Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) under Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park.
  • Establishment of Content Engineering and Linkage Lab (CEL) under Information and Communication Technology Department.
  • Build up Government Service and Construction based Entrepreneurs under Service Aggregator Training (SAT).   
  • Bringing all digital services under central combined cloud.

Let’s hope and participate to build up Smart Bangladesh as well as future of next generation.

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