Most of the disastrous impacts of climate change are expected to be felt within the near future. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the impacts, as they are often on the margins of decision-making and will face the climate change impacts for many more years to come. So it would be unethical to take steps (or not) to mitigate climate change or adapt to the problems without their contributions.

According to our national youth policy “youth” age is bracketed between 18 and 35 and almost 45 million people fall within that age range here. But this folks are not involve in decision making process. Many might think that they have not adequate skills and experiences to decide. But they decides to mitigate their own risks and realities in their daily lives. So, we need to break the pattern of traditional thoughts on decision making. The suffers, particularly young people can make the right decision realizing their own context. We need to hear them.

Youth Adaptation Network – YAN is a flagship programme of Global Centre on Adaptation to include youth knowledge in adaptation action. Recently Dhaka Office of Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) is launched for South Asia region. As part of the lunching Dhaka Office, a consultation workshop on Youth Adaptation Network Bangladesh is convened today where the young people around the country participate to innovate a mechanism of youth participation in adaptation action. ICCCAD and GCA, Dhaka Office organizes the event.

The Climate Volunteers from Jalbayu Parishad shares their vulnerabilities due to Cyclone Amphan and Flood 2020 and action to involve LGIs in Embankment management and Local Adaptation Priorities. The climate volunteers are the direct suffers of the Cyclone Amphan and Flood 2020. So, we need to learn from them. There have sufficient theoretical knowledge on climate change and adaptation, but there have a lack of practitioner knowledge. If the Youth Adaptation Network Bangladesh hears the practitioners experiences on adaptation, it would be bring a great results. From the process, the local youth would be empowered to participate in decision making mechanism. Lets hope for that.

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