Youth Action in Climate Adaptation

Most of the disastrous impacts of climate change are expected to be felt within the near future. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the impacts, as they are often on the margins of decision-making and will face the climate change impacts for many more years to come. So it would be unethical to take steps (or not) to mitigate climate change or adapt to the problems without their contributions.

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COVID-19 Awareness: Challenges and How to address it

jalbayu Parishad

75 members of Jalbayu Parishad at Koyra, Shyamnagar and Gaibandha are mobilizing GO-NGOs and Private Sector to create mass awareness on COVID-19

climate volunteer

60 Youth Volunteers of Jalbayu Parishad are conducting community Monitoring at their own community to mitigate challenges and create mass awareness on COVID-19


Developing Team for New Normal World

Like others, we have been also running ‘Office from Home‘ since March 25 of this year to adapt with the situation arises due to coronavirus and search a way to continue the programme of climate finance which we have been implementing since 2017. Despite the difficulties of conducting activities with the community from home, it is ongoing but slowly. To adapt with the situation, weekly meetings with team members have been organized by the Secretariat at Facebook Messenger to maintain contact with local office colleagues, develop work plans and monitor progress in order to implement the programme of climate finance. But the extra noise created in Facebook Messenger, we made a decision to buy the zoom software. Today, the weekly meeting was held in Zoom which we purchased recently. Although we have participated at the meeting held in Zoom organized by others, but we never create a zoom meeting. That is why; there were some technical problems in today’s meeting. Now we have to solve those technical problems.

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Driving Force of Economy: Youth Employment and Remittances

Remittances from the Bangladeshi wage earners abroad stood at $10.64 billion during the first 10 months of the current financial year (July 2011-April 2012), a 10.41 percent growth over $9.61 billion during the corresponding period of the last fiscal.  Total remittances sent by the expatriate Bangladeshis until May 25 stood at $11.57 billion. Central bank governor Atiur Rahman has expressed hope that remittances by expatriate Bangladeshis in the current financial year may cross $13 billion – $1 billion more than the last fiscal. Source: Remittances may top $13 bn: central bank

We read the forcast of governor of Bangladesh Bank, but what is our finance minister thinking! Have any plan to sustain the growth of remittances? We are informed by different media that he is going to present budget for 2012-13 fiscal year, worth around Tk.1.90 trillion. How much he will alocate for the expartriate Bangladeshies and unemployed youths seeking for employment within the country and abroad? We hardly observe the answers on this issues who are one of the major driven force of our economy.

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Youth Voice for Employment

A pre-budget consultation held with leading economists  where minister or economists, there were no one to focus on employment generation while millions of unemployed youths are fighting for work.  The economists suggested for introduction of a minimum level of income tax on holders of Taxpayers Identification Numbers (TIN), enforcement of an appropriate policy on subsidies, bringing about reforms in the provisions for wealth tax and putting in effective efforts to improve urban transportation and housing sector through budgetary intervention. But everyday millions of people are coming to urban areas particularly in the Dhaka city for searching employment which should be  the major concern of discussion of pre-budget discussion, unfortunately minister and economists have forgotten it.

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