Don’t let them decide for you!

“99 percent poor is paying sin of 1 percent. Don’t let them decide for you! Let them to listen, we are poor because of you”. An invitation only gathering of world CEOs and political leaders named the world economic forum (WEF) is holding at heavily guarded Swiss Resort Town `Davos’. The crisis makers, the world riches are discussing about the fate of poor. They will made a global crisis in name of solution and we have to pay for it. The globe has identified neoliberal economy, the root of crisis! But they will impose it to us in new shape with a new strategy. The economically poor nations like Bangladesh would be pressured to open its market to these profit hunger. They will make billions of profits from us and open a charity to pay attention to the poor! Now this is the time to hear them, we are poor because of you!

Open market has destroyed the sovereign economy of economically poor nations! Millions of farmers are uprooted from agriculture. Billions of people lost their lives and livelihoods for a  few like you. So, don’t decide for us.

The leaders of WEF, this is the first time of the history has given focus on youth employment. The World is sitting on a social and economic time bomb like youth unemployment, the WEF leaders have argued by giving a statement as “Youth will be less employable. They won’t have the skills that business needs. They are more likely to have long-term health problems. And it can cause social unrest”.  The statement has said well the roots cause of the understanding of the global leaders about youth unemployment. As per their understanding, unemployed youth can cause of social unrest. They got this experience from recent unrest which occurred in middle east, England and USA particularly. It could be! They have identified the  problems, but they have hidden the causes for the problems to save their development principles. Without uprooting the causes of problems, the WEF leaders is trying to make a immediate solution in name of employment generation which will not the real solution of the problem! The real problem is income gap between the riches and poor and it is happened due to the neoliberal economic policy. We should examine it and determine our future in a new way!

 The WEF leaders will not finding solution in the new way, so we need to think alternative. For the alternative, we need to let them know now, don’t decide for us! We need a real solution and people will make their own choice. Don’t put the finger on it!


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