FAO Diplomacy on Food Habit

fao“When I see them on the UN canteen menu, then I’ll think about it…..”, the comment has given a well feedback on this research. The research said, over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects. So, United Nations (UN) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) should join with them to supplement diet with insects.

One of my Facebook friend gave the links with a status,” the world produces more food to feed the people of the globe, but there have a problem of distribution. So, we need to focus on the fair distribution rather recommending to eat insects.”

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Research: For what?

Research describes its data and information generated by applicable methodology based on the socioeconomic environment of the research context. When we conduct study on political context, it must need to analyses the socioeconomic and political atmospheres to represent data and information for future action. But now a days, research is used only for serving narrow political interest of vested interest group and so-called researchers just use some research ideas to assert some information which supports interest of their masters as well as penny makers.

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Vandalism and Atrocities: Is it Protest?

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), a Hong Kong based non-governmental human rights organization releases a fabricated press note captioned “a massacres demonstrators” on Hefazat events which have given an imaginary numbers of death toll 2,500. The local newspapers and electronic channel found it 6. It should not support any loss of lives, but when politics were inside, we must count it. Local human rights organization, “Odhikar” circulated this press note in the mail serves to portrait a false picture of Bangladesh. Farhat Mazhar, the founder member of OHDHIKAR, once he was atheists, now playing an important role for religious fanatics to build a Taliban styled religious Bangladesh. Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) becomes an ally of religious fanatics as well as ill-motivated politicians of Bangladesh who want to break the democratic practices of Bangladeshi political system.

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Courtesy: Banglanews24.com
Courtesy: Banglanews24.com

The death toll rises to 513 in Rana Plaza. It is shocking news that the number isincreasing. There have not any initiatives for industrial relations in Bangladesh. So, the labour of RMG units lives in a death trap only for surviving alive with less than minimum monthly wages. The workers are fighting for hiking the wage, some are asking living wage. These are the everyday struggleof garment workers. But the Tazreen Fashions, Spectrum and Rana Plaza have raised another question to the garment workers about life. What they prefer life or death? So, there have a lot of issues which should deal effectively. But the shining of sun does not show any positive signs to solve the long lasting problem. Garment owners are reluctant to give the trade union rights to the workers and hike the monthly wages for their survival. So, we are living with fear to hear another shocking news in anywhere of the industrial areas.


2 million workers killed every year!

ILO Poster on Health and Safety at Work
ILO Poster on Health and Safety at Work

Touching the ON button of remote control of the television in the morning before leaving home for work, the eye watched  the `Savar Tragedy‘; a high-rise building collapsed and more than five thousands of people trapped under the building. Fire services, Army and police along with thousands and thousands people tried to rescue the trapped people. But it was understood that the nation would again find over hundreds of dead of garments workers.

The irregularities and violation of laws are taking life day after day, but  we are not awaking in proper ways. How long it could continue?

There is no answer, but we have to answer it. International Labour Organization (ILO) is just observing the days without making any effective pressure on behave of labour and workers. Another day on  World Day for safety and health at work is coming after four days! Before coming the days, hundreds of workers died in the building collapsed. What would the position of ILO in this year in Bangladesh?

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Shahbugh Uprising: People, Power and Politics


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The war crime tribunal has already given verdict against war crime of Bachchu Razarkar as death penalty and Razarkar Quader Molla as life imprisonment. The people welcomed the verdicts of Bachchu Razakar. But hearing the verdict against Razarkar Quader Molla, people of Bangladesh astonished as like me. The angers broke out when the bloggers and online activists took places at Shahbugh intersection protesting the verdicts and demanding death penalty to Razarkar Quader Molla.

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Decentralization and Democratization of National Budget

.DSC_0489Fazle Hossain Badsha, MPDSC_0488

Democratic Budget Movement, a national platform of budget activists is working for decentralization and democratization of the national budget in formulation and implementation for reducing regional disparity and inequalities and for ensuring public participation in budget formulation and implementation process. As part of the activity and struggle of steering committee of Democratic Budget Movement organized a preparatory meeting for National Convention to be held on 26-28 December 2012 at Cox’sbazar, Bangladesh.