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  1. I am a divorced woman in Bangladesh suffered immense torture and discrimination when my husband left me leaving a daughter. I was so depressed and broken but having my daughter to get on her feet, I committed my life to social development work for women empowerment and rights preservation. Now I have been operating one Non Government Organization ( registered by Bangladesh Government ) and has various programs with some partner organization on women rights and empowerment. I live with my daughter who studies in college and alone I have been fighting to survive in this world with spirit of claiming women rights and empowerment. If you are interested on my NGO,you can please contact me to my address or email account, I have organizational profile and yearly report to send you. I seek and solicit your cooperation and support to me.

    With best regards. Alish

    With all best wishes to SOROPTIMIST. Regards

    1. dear
      greetings from melquie SALT

    2. I am with you and all good people are with u. I am freelance consultant and anything support or service needed on part of me is always welcome. Keep contact with me. Thanks
      Daya shankar
      Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

  2. Dear Sir,
    Best Compliments from SBUS-Gobindogonj, Gaibandha
    Sobuj Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (SBUS), a non-government organization (NGO) comes close to the poor people with particular emphasis to bring out positive changes in their life and livelihoods. We wish to send a concept note regarding activation from our organization.

    So I need your suggestion.

    I am looking forward to hearing kind response from you.


    Tapash Dev

  3. Dear Sir,
    Hi I am Dr.Shaukat Nadeem from Pakistan.I am also the President of Alniamat Foundation(R).It is a Non Governamental,non political,non profit,non religious organization working For the Welfare of humanity for last 3 years .We are not getting any aid from any where if some one wants to donate us or any company or country can contact us by the following email
    and.:dr_nadeem1@yahoo.com (15.TAHLI MOHRI RAWAL PINDI,46000.Pakistan)

  4. Dear Sir.
    Our organisation pragatisheel samagic sanstha working in remort area of himaliyan and plan region with tribal.meginal former.student.women empowerment.women voilence,child leber we had send many innovative project proposal to many donner agency but no get any repliy.
    we hope your org. help me for social change

  5. Dear Sir,
    Our organization working to promote social, economical, health, agricultural, cultural and educational development activities in the rural areas.
    My organization isNon Governamental,non political,non profit,non religious organization working For the Welfare of humanity .We are not getting any aid from any where.I request I wants to donate any country can contact my email address. reads@myemail.com
    Thanking you Sir,
    M. Jaya Paul, President,
    READ Society,

  6. Adv:Shely Sultana Zaman :Iam the executive director of an NGO Health Right Society (HRS)in Bangladesh .I commited to social development work for women empowerment,women voilence,women and child health and rights preservation.Now i have been oparating one non goverment organization(registerd by bangladesh goverment)and has various programme with same partner organization on women rights and empowerment.I have been fighting to servive in this world with spirit of claming women rights and emporment in the rural areas.If youre interested on my NGO,you can plesse contact me to my Address or email address, I need your help. Adv; Shely Sultana Zaman
    executive director
    Health Rights Society(HRS)

      1. my name is SIDDU studying 3rd B.tech in west godavari dist, BHIMAVARAM, A.P. INDIA…..my father name is T.S.PARAMA HAMSA. i want help in the form of money or suggestions for taking funds & link up with companies…. my father invents a power project.. compare to all plants this is best. because the cost of plant is low, eco friendly, which is used anywhere we need current in high / low ammount.. we also apply PATENT… FURTHER IMPROVING MY PROJECT WE WANT FUNDS …… SO PLEASE HELP ME…… MY WEBSITE http://www.plantech.biz

        ANY WAY PLEASE REPLY: siddugvit99@gmail.com

  7. Dear sir,
    I am mr.L.Pandi Chief Functionary of Social Eucation for Rural Development-SERD. I would like to take on organisational leadership taraining for effective service for the needy poor people . so, I seek fellowship for the training course . I solicit your goodself to support our service.

    Thanking you,
    E-mail: serdindia@gmail.com
    Mobile :9942345781

    1. hello dr at first my good wishes for you for your future development because of this reply to you that at first you should know that social work is not became so easy now these days because so Manny peoples depending upon this as their sources of income if this is your ultimate target i think it is very tough for you.but if you have real intention for social work than no one can help you.look one thing in your message you had wrote that our area is most neglected area than what are you doing there,for what resources you are waiting.financial support is the next part of your work.you take a step a lots of hand come forward for your help.mind it my dear don’t make your great cause as it is bagging.please dont take it is otherwise i am a social enterprenuer i knw how to acheave the goal.if you want you can talk with me directly…cell 09692078797

  8. Respected Sir,
    Greeting from Badrish Kirti Jan Kalyan Samiti,(BKJKS).
    Badrish Kirti Jan Kalyan Samiti,(BKJKS) is a society registered as a non Governmental (not-for profiting making)organization under society registration act 21-1860.Foreign Contribution regulation act,1976, and section 12A &80 G of Indian Income Tax act 1961.Working in the remote and inaccessible areas in Uttarakhand, a province in Indian Himalayas, the area we work is remote and underdeveloped part of Uttarakhand. This is a state which itself has been historically neglected and marginalized within India.
    Geography has determined the life condition of these villages in many important ways, Life in the mountains is difficult-to fetch water and collect firewood requires climbing up and down narrow trails over long distance. The challenge of the terrain has complicated the serving of the area.
    Most families in the area where we work live off animal husbandry and farming their own small plots. This is sufficient for sustaining themselves only for eight and nine month of the year, during the rest of which they have to by their food. Apart from selling their small quantities of milk and vegetables on the market, about a four hour jeep drive way, there are very few opportunities to earn cash income. Since 1985 BKJKS has worked some of most disadvantaged people of society. It is education more then any thing else that help people take control of their own lives. Yet in India millions of children are unable to complete their schooling because of poverty of their situation, for this reason BKJKS sees education as the single most effective way to helping communities get out the poverty. Many school children from poor backgrounds in India drop out of education by the age of ten. Often their parents are illiterate themselves; their local school are very poor, or their parents need them to work to earn extra income for the family. Today, more then 150 million of Indian’s population came from these extremely poor communities and the vast majority still lacks proper housing, medical care, education and employment prospects.BKJKS wants funds such as educational projects Residential Bridge Camp for the Schooling of Adolescent Disadvantaged Girls, drop out children for reschooling, and adult literacy classes in remote block of district Chamoli, so we can make improvement to thousands of peoples lives. In this regards BKJKS want financial support from your side. Expecting your help for this great humanitarian cause. Our hope is that BKJKS journey will useful for all whose aim to make development more impactful. We need your ideas, your presence, and your moral, physical and financial support in our work with mountain communities.
    Looking forward for your kind consideration. I eagerly await your reply.
    Thanking you and warm regards.
    Your’s Sincerely

    Dr.Surendra Prasad Dimri
    Secretary/ chief-executive
    Badrish Kirti Jan Kalyan Samiti,(BKJKS)
    Tripathi Bhawan, Near Rishi Ganga, Indira Market, Gopeshwar, Distt-Chamoli-246401, Uttarakhand, India. Email:drspdimri@yahoo.com Ph +91-09412082143.

  9. we r working in voluntree sector since 8 years last year i m formed a new organization SEWA BHASKAR we are faceing a lot of problem for sustaineblity of my organization dew too funding suport so pls advoice me.


  10. We are writing this letter on behalf of CHINYARD, hereby we would like to enlighten you about our organization. CHINYARD is operating in North Karnataka region over the last 21 years. Chinyard is one of the development initiatives rendering service to poorest of the poor. Chinyard’s prime vision is to bring destitute people into main stream society. Because underprivileged masses are deprived from economic, social and institutional opportunities. Chinyard was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act-1950. For overseas assistance purpose Chinyard was registered under Ministry of Home Affairs for the Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act-1976.
    Chinyard’s operation is recognized in drought prone areas; most of the marginal and poor farmers depend only on agricultural, due to scarcity of rains land remains fallow. Therefore peasants are not getting adequate employment opportunities here. Hence farmers are migrating towards metropolitan cities for search of livelihood options. Consequences of parent migration children are deprived from education. Chinyard organization has been implementing several social development programmes for upliftment of destitute people. These programmes are as follows.
    1. Promotion of Livelihood Activities: Under this programme Chinyard has organized various livelihood activity trainings like tailoring, dairy farm, poultry, embroidery and vermin-compost training to women self help groups. After the training Chinyard has helped them startup their own enterprises and provided market linkage to sell their product in the market.
    2. Rural Small Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme: Under this Chinyard has given training to 976 women on various rural micro enterprises. After the training Chinyard supported them to begin their own enterprises.
    3. Women Empowerment: Under this programme Chinyard formed 5243 women self help groups and provided bank linkage. Chinyard believes in UNITY IS STRENGTH keeping this quote in mind Chinyard organized women into self help groups. For this accomplishment Chinyard has received state level second award. For women self help group member’s skill up gradation purpose Chinyard has organized various trainings and workshops.
    4. Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management Programme: Under this project Chinyard formed watershed committee, community based tank management committee and village forest committee this projects prime objective was to create awareness about Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management. For this accomplishment Chinyard received National level productivity award, given by central agricultural ministry of India.
    5. Capacity Building Training for Self Help Group Members: Under this programme Chinyard has given training on the concept of SHG, Credit Management, Unity and Cooperation, Problem Solving, Panchayat Raj System, Right To Information Act, Leadership and Effective Communication, Book Keeping and Account Maintenance.
    6. Road Safety Awareness Programme: By this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to provide road safety awareness among vehicle owners, school and college students through street plays, photo exhibitions and dramas.
    7. Eradication of Violence against Woman: Through this programme Chinyard organized several human rights awareness programmes among rural people under this Chinyard gave awareness about gender sensitization and mitigation of dowry system. And those who were facing violence Chinyard has provided legal assistance for them.
    8. Tribal Handicraft: Through this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to conserve ancient tribal handicraft, and give technical training to upgrade their handicraft skills. Promote market linkage to sell their product in the market. Chinyard has given training to 300 Kasuthi Artisans, 107 Mirror Artisans and 40 Quilt Production Training.
    9. Scholarship Amenities to Merit Students: Through this programme Chinyard has been providing scholarships to economically background merit students to continue their studies through this yearly 150 merit student’s benefit.
    10. Computer Literacy Programme: Through this programme Chinyard is providing computer education to rural and slum students. Chinyard has also been giving basic computer training to unemployed youths.
    11. Animal Welfare Programme: Through this programme Chinyard has taken initiative to construct water ponds in rural areas and started animal fodder center from this center Chinyard has been disbursing fodder to farmers.
    12. Micro Credit Programme: By this programme Chinyard has been supporting Micro Credit facility to rural poor masses. This programmes prime vision is support to startup micro enterprise and to generate income generation activities to rural masses. Chinyard has supported 53,200 women self help groups. Till date women self help groups cumulative savings is 4.50 crore and Internal lending is 9 crore.
    13. Drinking Water Project: Under this project Chinyard has given bore well repair training to 35 Tribal women to take initiative to repair bore wells.
    14. Documentation: Chinyard has been keeping day to day activity reports, if higher authorities, donors require Chinyard will submit the report immediately. Chinyard has done rating care by M-Cril rating agency, Mumbai and also done external evaluation of rural women empowerment by Mahamad Guttigar. Chinyard has published annual reports. Chinyard provides opportunities to researchers to do a study at the organization.
    15. Human Resource: In Chinyard’s organization there are 32 well qualified, experienced staffs working over the last 21 years. Chinyard’s staff has passion towards social work and work for underprivileged development upliftment purposes.
    Now we are unable to carry out the above activities, due to lack of financial sources. In this connection we are requesting your assistance for further development work. Your one contribution can bring brightness among the underprivileged masses. Your kind donations will get tax exemption under 12(A) and 80G Income Tax Act-1961. Further any more information, visit our organization website: http://www.chinyard-india.org

    If you have friends, or donors who would like to donate for this noble cause please kindly forward these details to them and help in serving the purpose.

    Looking forward to your positive response.

    Yours Faithfully
    Tracey. Rodrigues

  11. we are working in rural part of maharastra gondia and bhandara distric but we are no fund . our ngo need fund any fundig ageny to work slum and trible area. Thanks

  12. In respect of,Dear sir,

    i am Nafees chief executive of District Awareness & Welfare network BADIN,PAKISTAN, I request that in our district many deseases in wild animals regularly death ratio of small & large animals in our coastal area 30 to 40% dailly basis report, please my request that due to support save animal life,

  13. Dear Sir,

    Pl send latest funding agencies details for Education in rural areas, rural people Health programme funding agencie details.

    B.Vijaya Bhaskar Rao

    1. project cosultant we can guide you at every step in your day to day activity contact 9692078797

  14. Dear Sir,

    Pl send latest funding agencies details for Education in rural areas nuapada orissa, rural people Health programme funding agencie details.

  15. Respected sir,

    Its my pleasure to come near you through this mail. My name is john Raju .Iam from India. Sir iam having a new NGOS which is based in Prostution. The work of my NGOs is to rescue all victim who are been trapped , sold, or due to poverty choosed the evil field . Sir its a new NGOs if you show your little interest i will be thanksfull to you. I will be true to you. May GOD bless you.


  16. Dear Sir,

    Pl send latest funding agencies details for Education in rural areas, rural people Health programme funding agencie details.

    D shunmuga sundaram

    1. sir we are 3 years old ngo and are seeking for new projects and funds to operate the same. kindly guide us.

  17. 17.12.10

    respected sir
    i mr.samiullah khan run a small ngo trust 4 slum childrens education nd
    develop bright futur situated at dharavi mumbai.400017

    sir we are construction or building but insufficient fund our work today
    is stopped we want hsome fund.

    so sir our urge u to help our poor childrens bright future our ngo very needy soon as soon possible
    thanking you
    yours faithfully
    maulana abulkalam azad education trust
    transit camp dharavi mumbai.400017

  18. Dear Sir,

    Pl send latest funding agencies details for Education in rural areas, rural people Health programme funding agencie details.


    manoj satapathy

  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    Pl.send us information about funds for small NGO.

    Suresh Khade
    Social & Human Development Association

  20. We are Non-profit organisation working for several social activities in Tamilnadu, Dindigul District for the past 14 years. We are having FCRA, 80G, 12AA. We are having around 70 SHGs in Targeted villages. Now are we are getting grants from Social Welfare Board and other agencies in small level. We are in need to support and develop our NGO to do more social activities in this dist. So that we are expecting support from others.

    we need the latest grants in Cental Govt. & other Foreign countries.

    Mohan Ramdass

    1. Dear sir,

      Please semd ur complete NGO Trust details for donors donations. I charge 2% commission to arrange donors for your trust donations. Please call me on 09980933949:


      1. Good day to you ,
        We too were looking for fund for some social work to help needy and poor people,childrens, widows and orphans. We are presently running trust named ‘Samina Sabbir Rural Ayurvedic & Yog Medical Edu. Research Trust’ since2003..REG.UNDER 80 G{5},12 AA, FCR {A}. . We have organised free medical health camp and treatment. We have hospital in which we treat poor people with economical rate. We are in need of Donation for our trust to start multi speciality hospitals & medical colleges & helth centers. Please
        help me. We have put our details on our website- http://www.ssmedicaltrust.org
        CONTACT :-
        abhijit.ghude@yahoo.com MB: +91 – 08698992829

        Accounts in :- ICICI BANK { get way },HDFC BANK,BANK OF BARODA.
        {-Donate of some of ur annual income to Social Organization and get
        50 % income Tax Benefit!! }

  21. Dear Sir
    Thanks for nice service. It would be very good if you kindly up date it frequently with more and more ads and remove expired dated ads.

    Pankaj Sarker
    Gano Milan Foundation

  22. please inform latest updates via email for small grants for our small and rural ngo for the upliftment of women in uttarakhand

  23. Sir,
    Sub: Self introducing – Request your support – (Please send us Application/guidelines request) – reg.
    Greetings from OLIYAGAM TRUST,

    Oliyagam is a Charitable Trust Registered under Indian trust act (Regd.No.15/95) and having FCRA,80g,12A(A) Certificates.

    We have successively conducted various Government and non-government programmes and have related documents/certificates.

    Since its inception is among rural disadvantaged community, trust has established a very good rapport with the target people and government and non-government departments.

    If you to get any further clarification on our work, we are always ready and it would be our duty to provide you the information that is needed.

    We humbly request you to kindly arrange to send us application/guidelines

    Looking forward for a fruitful partnership with you towards the cause of the underprivileged in our target areas.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,


  24. Dear sir/madam,
    It is to be requested in yours excellency that we have a non-government, non-profit local organization under the name of Creative Development Organization recently registered with provincial registrar goint stock companies and societies (Reg. # 5342/5/6478). We work for all kind of Disabile people .WE are working on most of the Animal Biodiversity and We work Water and Sanitation and also work Sustainable Development . We are working on most of the womans developmental sectors, viz. education, childlabouring,womans and grils relief and emergency, womans health, livelihood, SM & advocacy, women empowerment, livestock, agriculture etc. Most of the members of CDO are young and enthusiastic. They worked voluntarily for the help of womans and grils IDPs in quick relief response in Charsadda and Nowshera. We have also worked on woman and grils Education, SM Childlabouring, women vocational training, etc. But we have little assets to support all our community thoroughly. We therefore requested yours excellency organization to support us for the welfare of our community. I therefore, request you to give us detail information about the development areas to work on and grants limit and how to apply for. I will be waiting for your detailed email.

    Best Regards
    Liaqat Ali
    Chariman CDO
    Farid Khan market, near Habib Bank Malakand road
    Takht Bhai, Mardan KPK (Pakistan)
    email: cdokpk@gmail.com

  25. Dear Sir,

    My NGO Avadh Sewa Sansthan Lucknow Plz send latest fund and funding agencies details for Environment, Education, Rural Development, rural people, Health programme funding agencie details.


    Pramod Chaudhary

  26. Please provide us with information about who can lend money for Micro credit program.
    Thanks a lot

  27. I live in india and work as a teachet in non-gov shcool in Bhusawal ( Maharashtra, Jalgaon).To serve for nature is my aim in my life,so I have set up a registered ngo as Green Earth Foundation.In last year I have planted 600 trees sapling in my colony area. Now 400 trees sapling remained in entire summer. I want to adopt a village for tree plantation so we ned some fund but I dont want any money for my mission. Only supply 500 trees sapling heighted 5 or 6 feet for my work . plz help me to complete my green planet dream.
    Thanks a lot

  28. May 11, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I am the executive director of an NGO Research and Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled (RRD) a non-profit voluntary development organization has been working with poorest and underprivileged people and PWDS (people with disabilities) science 1997 in Bangladesh . Now we are working for Education in rural areas, rural people Health programme and other areas.
    If you are interested on our work, Please send latest funding agains details.

    With best regards

    Shiful Islam
    Executive Director
    RRD, Magura

  29. Respected Sir,
    Greetings from Dharasansthan,
    Dharasansthan is Ngo working in Barmer Rajasthan India last 20 years.Our thrust area is health ,girls education , water management, livlihood.Please linkages support to our organization.
    MOBILE NO 09414271028

  30. It is not so important to inform everybody who request you for assistance. Better inform please what donors announce regarding grants/projects. Thank you.

  31. Dear sir/madam,
    It is to be requested in yours excellency that we have a non-government, non-profit local organization under the name of Disability and Development Center (DDC) a DPO lead by woment with disabilities leader Organization registered with Social welfare department (Reg. # Reg. puncha-114/07). We work for all kind of Disabile people .WE are working on We are working on most of the person with disabilities specially womans development. the Board members of DDC are 100% Disable . They worked voluntarily for the development and ensure the rights of people with disabilities in Banglades . The program of DDC are woman and grils Education, SME program, women vocational training, physiotherapy center, coumputer training, Tailoring traing, Helth program, etc. But we have little assets to support all our community thoroughly. We therefore requested yours excellency organization to support us for the development and capacity building for the oranization and the benificiaries in our community. I therefore, request you to give us detail information on fun of grants and process . thanks for details information and support for initiatives for the development of people with disabilities in bangaldesh.

  32. sir since last 10 we are handling the ngo but we need some fund for the education and for medical purpose so please help us thanks

  33. Am Anna and am based in kenya Africa.
    Am looking for funding for a disabled people.
    We have a lot of problems here in kenya.
    Any one can assist

  34. Dear Sir,

    My new ngo is Kaivari Foundation, Pune
    I want Fund for my ngo for to run the self help group, and fund for mico finance


    Manoj Mule

  35. we are from srilanka. we need fund to our ngo named tmo. if anyone please help us

  36. Howrah Danesh Shaik Lane Navadoy Seva Niketan (HDSLNSN)

    Mission Statement

    Howrah Danesh Shaik Lane Navadoy Seva Niketan (HDSLNSN) was established in 2001. HDSLNSN strives to provide meaningful and viable opportunities to the social and economic advancement and empowerment of poor and down trodden groups in the society, giving particular emphasis to the development of women and children.

    The organization shall constantly advocate and campaign for basis rights for the people irrespective of their gender differences of socio-economic vulnerabilities. HDSLNSN envisions a SOCIETY FREE FROM THE EVILS OF CLASS, CASTE, CREED, and ILLNESS OR ILLLITERACY where man and woman shall live in peace and harmony with nature, working to make this world a better place to live for our children.

    Activates in a Nutshell / Index


    • Pre-primary Education
    • Supplementary Education
    • Primary Education
    • Adult Education
    • Non-Formal Education

    Health Care Service

    • Health Education & Awareness
    • Outdoor Clinic
    • Community Based Health Care Services
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Referral Services
    • Drinking Water and Sanitation
    • Hygiene and Nutrition
    • Herbal Care

    Community Organizations

    • Mahila Mandals (Women’s Groups)
    • Self Help Group (SHG)
    • Capacity Building
    • Grassroots Leadership Enhancement

    Camping, Advocacy and Networking

    • Human Rights
    • Eradication of Child Labour
    • Rights of Children
    • Child Trafficking
    • Gender Equity
    • Environmental Education
    Economic Empowerment

    • Vocational Training
    • Local Resource Optimization
    • Skill Development
    • Sustainable Agriculture

    Total number of Beneficiaries

    • Children 225____________
    • Women__110___________
    • If any persons_35________


    Howrah Danesh Shaik Lane Navadoy Seva Niketan (HDSLNSN) recognized as HDSLNSN is a development organization working for the welfare of marginal and underprivileged sections of our society. HDSLNSN was born in the year 2000, it operates in two states viz. Wes Bengal and Jharkhand.

    Our attempt to give people a professional perspective on the spot as help to the self-help has turned out well with our core competencies in child labor, tribal empowerment and community based participatory approach to development, we believe that the key to a developed and self-sustained society is in the hands of the people themselves. HDSLNSN is a catalyst to that development process, channeling our strengths and resources to build a better future for our children and women.


    HDSLNSN was established in the year 2000 by a group of young people mostly belong to mixed community at the inspiration of a few social workers of Howrah district who became familiar with the organizers during the time of executing flood relief in the year 2000. Those social workers identified the area in terms of deserving social service as it was the most neglected area dominated by the SC/ST people living in severe poverty who work at the cheapest wage in various factories and daily labour. As a result they cannot provide their families consequently starve most of the days of the year. So a platform was needed to be set up for the welfare of this neglected community. Obviously HDSLNSN emerged as a companion and simultaneously a kind of tool for the betterment of these poor fellows even to develop the infrastructure of this backward region. Initially the basic problems were identified which include poverty, illiteracy and absence of health care facilities and in association with these problems prejudices and misbelieve took the leading role to increase the suffering of the people. Since then HDSLNSN is striving to eliminate/eradicate the root of those problems.

    Project Area

    HDSLNSN is working in the underdeveloped pockets of Howrah district in West Bengal. Though the project areas are highly remote and underdeveloped, that can be accessed by rail and road systems and is close enough to major airport. New areas are now annexed in recent year this is the villages under District of Jharkhand.

    Education for All

    HDSLNSN considers Education as the primary asset of a human being. Based on the them of universaliztion of education, the organization has been organizing various forms of educational facilities to children and adults, to make them acquire the basic requisite of life. HDSLNSN has non formal education centers in Howrah. The organization reaches over 807 persons with direct educational inputs, integrating vulnerable child laborers, brickfields children and disabled children into mainstream education.

    Community Health Care Services

    HDSLNSN has launched community based health care initiatives in Howrah district, covering over 10 villages in Shympur block. In addition to offering preventive medicine with support from public health centers, information dissemination and awareness is given high priority as a means to preventive health care initiatives. The organization also conducts regular medical clinics benefiting poor families to receive quality affordable medicine.

    Community Organization

    All the development interventions of HDSLNSN are through a people’s participative method, involving the self help groups and women’s groups that the organization has promoted. Micro planning and implementation supervision and monitoring is done through the people’s groups, who are an integral part of decision making process in the field. HDSLNSN has initiated efforts to link the existing self help groups through savings linked credit facilities to advance economic opportunities through small enterprises. The organization invests in development of local leadership and improvement of local capacities, ensuring that the small groups take up the role of change agents in the society.

    Economic Empowerment

    Land and Water being the primary resources of the project area, HDSLNSN has been giving impetus towards sustainable agriculture for long term benefit to the local small and marginal farmers. Utilization of local water bodies like ponds and canals for irrigation and linking them to integrated farming has been successful model demonstrated by the group. Local and inherent skills of women are identified and given adequate training towards increasing their employment opportunities. Local resource optimization is a priority area for economic advancement of poor and marginal families in the project area.

    Campaign, Advocacy and Networking

    Child Labour and Trafficking is a major issue being addressed HDSLNSN. In addition to providing direct assistance to hundreds of child laborers from the project area, the organization is also engaged in advocating anti-child labor policies and practices among the concerned players including employers as well as policy makers. Social education is an integral part of the advocacy measures reaching the right information to the people.

    HDSLNSN has received support, assistance and wishes of national and individuals, who have been instrumental in the growth and success of the organization. Local people and government places on record its deepest gratitude to its donors, partners, friends and well wishers and prays for their continued association in its movement to make this world a better place to live.

    Legal Status

    HDSLNSN is a not-for-profit voluntary organization registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act of 1961 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of Government of India. HDSLNSN is also registered under the Indian Income Tax Act. Any donation to the organization is exempted under section 80(g) of IT Act, 1961. For more details, please Contact:

    Mr. Bimal Paul (Secretary)

    Howrah Danesh Shaik Lane Navadoy Seva Niketan (HDSLNSN),
    197 Andul Road, Post Office: – Danesh Shaik Lane, District: – Howrah,
    Pin Code: 711109, West Bengal, India
    Phone: – +91 9836112130

    Email: – navadoysevaniketan@gmail.com

    Bank Details

    Name of Bank: Allahabad Bank

    Branch: THANA MAKUA Bank Code: 210739 Address:
    City: HOWRAH
    District: HOWRAH -711109
    State: WEST BENGAL Account No:
    S/B 20823285797

    Name of Bank: United Bank of India

    Branch: B. Garden Bank Code: Address: B.E. College Account No :0171050009662

    How to reach HDSLNSN office

    Nearest Railway station: Maourigram (Take any local train which is going towards Kharagpur and Madnipur from Howrah and get down at Maourigram then take any bus going onward to Howrah and get down at Danesh Shaik Lane.

    From Esplanade / Dharamtala Take bus no. T1, C1 Dauthopolia, (second bridge)

    Bus no. 6a (by first Howrah Bridge)

    From Howrah: Bus No. 59, 61, 69, Ranihati minibus, duloghar minibus, Jujasour minibus.

    (Take any bus mention above and get down at Danesh Shaik Lane)

    1. Dear Sir,
      kindly send me the list of donors who,s are doing founds for Pakistani Ngo in Non-Formal sector. I hope You will give positive responce in this regards.
      Please send complete information on this E-mail address : ftsngo@gmail.com
      Thanks !
      Sabir Hussain Malik

  37. my name is fazal-e akbar from Pakistan
    i want to do work for handicap persons in Pakistan bemuse i am also a handicap ,and i better knows that what & where we have problem as a handicap & i have intelligent mind & also better ideas & thinking of project but i have no sources for that . if any NGOs or organization wants my services so please they contact me on

  38. Dear Sir/Madem
    WE are a IGA & vocataional training organization. We give skill to the poor people like as 1.Tailoring 2.Bamboo & Cane works 3.Mobile phone sevicing 4.CarDriving 5 animal rearing etc. we need fund develop the training centre /building. so please help us to give the skill training for the poor people of bangladesh.please contact:prctraining@gmail.com
    thanks & rgards
    A.K.Fazlul haque

  39. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from Prime Rehabilitation Centre(PRC)!PRC is a IGA,SDT & VOCATIONAL training Organization.We give skill development training to poor,youth & unemployed people of Bangladesh.

    Vision: A self-reliant & Economically solvent society & competent manpower in Bangladesh.

    Mission: Capcity building of the target groups,Persons & development of competency through technical skill & trade skill through training further training.

    Capacity of PRC: prc has been providing variousIGA,SDT & VOCATIONAL
    training services to NGO beneficiary.PRC has confidence to provide training sevice in several districts of Bangladesh.the core training team of the organization is Dhaka based. they are available to facilitate training in any location as per program requirements.
    OUR NECESSITY:We need a own Training campus & own building .If any doner give us money for this regards we wiil made this building by doner own name.
    plese contact:prctraining.2011@gmail.com,prctraining@yahoo.com

  40. Respected Sir/Madam

    Our NGO is working for poor trible and handicapped people of Sahibganj nd Pakur District of Jharlhand(India)We have a plan to established a OLD AGE HOME for poor and helpkless people of sosiety,For that purpse We need a Fundind

    Ashok Pathak
    Secratory Of NGO Naisubha
    Moble- +918969536716,+918083263860

  41. Respected sir/madam,

    Greetings from K. Amirthalingam.

    Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (ASSET) is a registered company under the Indian Government Registration act. It’s a pioneer management Non – Government Organization rendering A to Z services to NGOs. Trusts, Non-Profit companies, Micro finance Institutions, Councils and Community Based Organisations and host of corporate and charitable institutions. It provides single window service for all NGOs from conceptualization to fund-raising, project implementation to institution building, legal requirements to compliance services, etc. I am K. Amirthalingam, having 20 years rich experience in NGO field, worked as different cadre in reputed Voluntary Organizations, and now being as volunteer and representative for few International funding agencies. 08

    While conducting seminars in different places and cities in India, we are observing that the NGO’s/Societies/Trusts are weak in legal activities and lack in technical. People are involving ministries for more than 5 years but they are not aware of Trust Registration and other legal formalities. Some organization they are involving social services more than 10+ years without 12A, 80G, FCRA and other income tax numbers. Moreover Some Organizations are expecting funds and Sponsors without FCRA, How this is possible? Some organizations are well versed about all legal activities but they do not know how to get 80 G, 12 A , (ii) and FCRA.

    Associatiojn for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (ASSET) has been in the field of NGO Project Management for over several years. It has expertise in the following areas: Project Proposal writing, Concept Writing, Logical frame work preparation, and helps organisations to develop project proposals according to up to date information and application prescribed format of application of Government of India or Foreign funding agency guidelines, Prefunding study for projects – Fund Raising Seminars, Meetngs, Trainings

    Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (ASSET) is a team of dedicated and well qualified team providing above said services in your door step. If you are interest and willingness to get our consultancy work Please contact us through E.mail or phone or Mail .

    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,

    Dr. K. Amirthalingam M.A., M.Phil., Ph.d.,
    Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (ASSET) ,
    677/37 Madurai Road,
    Madurai District – 625 706
    Tamil nadu.
    E.mail : assetbasha2011@gmail.com
    Cell: 9865149089

  42. Our ngo name is Aditi foundation sansthan.Our project is generate self employment in men and women for all age group.And second thing is that education for all human being.So sir, in these projects we need fund.So any one tell us about the govt. funds.How can we get these funds from govt.

    Devesh solanki
    Aditi foundation sansthan,

  43. We are running a NGO but we are lacking in funding to carry out some shorts of social
    work,like children education and children malnutrition in rural areas and providing woks for needy women in the backward areas of our district.
    It will be very kind on your part if your organization can raise funds or help us in the for the problem by other trustees.And please advice us how to contact with other Donne rs in India
    and the world around.

  44. people development organization is anon governmental & non profit organization working in North Waziristan Agency(FATA) Pakistan in Health, Education and safe water programs. The organization needs fund to countinue thier activties.

  45. My new NGO is Trust forHuman Development & I needs foud for my NGO.

    Trust for Human Development
    North Waziristan Agency
    0928 313139

  46. Hello,

    We have a small trust in Chamoli Garwhal. Bachan Women Shelter, currently we have given shelter to a small girl and a widow women…we take care of them.
    Our plan is to train the poor women in the area in embroidery etc so that they can make their own handicrafts. We want these women to get a monthly salary so that they can support their family.
    I will really appreciate if you could show us the direction in how to get some grant or sponserships in order to start this process. Till now we have been paying for everything from our pockets but this project is much bigger and we need some support.
    Any kind of help will be highly appreciated,

  47. Dear Respected Sir/madam,

    My NGO Society for Deprived People (SDP) is working for the Deprived and disabled persons of the society and trying to improve the economic conditions of rural women. But at this time we dont get any help from the sponsors. So now we badly need help from the donors or sponsors. So please help us for getting sponsors.

    yours sincerely

    DIrector, SDP
    Rangpur, Bangladesh.

  48. Sir/Mam,

    I have started marriage counselling centre, to save families & children from breaking down & boost up the loosing confidence of the youngsters in this social institution.
    Kindly provide us the funds to run the cost of the infrastructure required for the same, as I am running it from my home and now due to huge demand it is inconvenient to accomodate the clients in a small place.

    Thanks & Regards,


  49. Hello dear sir/madam

    We are running a NGO for Congolese Orphans to help them with technical Training, T give the skill training To those orphans children’s but we are lacking in funding to carry out some shorts of social
    work, like children education and children malnutrition in rural areas and providing woks for needy women in the backward areas of our district.
    It will be very kind on your part if your organization can raise funds or help us in the for the problem by other trustees. And please advice us how to contact with other Donne rs in The World .
    and the world around.

    Christian Badibanga
    Director of The NGO

  50. dear sir
    greetings from UPAMA-Unnayan Parikalpanay Manush. UPAMA is a non government voluntary organization registered by the Government Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
    UPAMA start from remotest haor area and working for the most marginalized citizen whose continuously fighting against natural disaster. how can we raise our fund ?

  51. Hello Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus.

    We are running a NGO(Glory Homes) for Parents (Aged Person and Orphanage kids) those orphans children’s but we are lacking in funding to carry out some shorts of social
    work, like children education and children malnutrition in rural areas and providing woks for needy women in the backward areas of our district.
    It will be very kind on your part if your organization can raise funds or help us in the for the problem by other trustees. And please advice us how to contact with other Donne rs in The World .
    and the world around.

    I hope your kind Cooperation.

    Marino Folia
    Director of the NGO

  52. respeceted,
    please send me funding details and imformation with turms and condition.

    Thanking you. Hari sankar chakraborty

  53. i hope you and your organisation will supporting me i will devoloping my country people.

    thanking you.

  54. Dear Sir
    i wish to say that i am agriculture graduate & want to serve in agri sector.we are
    working in rural development by our NGO (UJALA GRAMODOG SEWA
    SANSTHAN).We r servicing in this field from last five years.we tried to get fund from
    other institution but no one listen us.They dint provide any fund.our papers work &
    practical work is so strong .Please help us how can we get fund & serve in rural
    area.Please guide us.
    hariom chauhan
    cell no-9455037452

  55. sir ny self amy team very hard worker please support me to change hor humain life, like health, education , live hood , agriculture , child labour , women rights , awerance for laws

  56. dear sir/madme

    our ngo( Mahil evam Nirbal Varg uthan Samiti ) worked scince last 10 yerars in Uttrakhand . plz grants to our NGO for Rural Development.

  57. Hello Sir, I am Advocate by Profession, I want help the poor students which can not bear the expanses of study in rural & urban areas and i want to provide all the facilities to them, if your organization can raise funds or help us in the for the problem by other trustees. And please advice us how to contact with other Donne rs in The World .
    and the world around.

    I hope your kind Cooperation.

  58. .my name is Ashim Paul .We working particular Potter community in Khulna Zilla

  59. Dear Sir,
    Best compliment from Cross Fit Educational Foundation registered with the government of the nation here in Nigeria. We are into comminuty development and empowerment through Education and Health, fighting against drug abuse, developing skills and talents within the youth, eradicating poverty and illness in within our reach. We will appreciate you courage as many areas of our needs are yet not meet.
    We are governmental organization who solicit for aims through individual donors and organizations surport,
    We will appreciate your quick respond.

    Thanks for the anticitipation
    Abrahams I. Oladipupo
    The Chairman

  60. dear sir i am going start free computer class in my village poor for student in my village in manipur. I need to know what is the procedure plese send me mail.

  61. Living Hope Malaysia is a NGO and has been helping the poor children of malaysia since 2007. Now, we are running short of funds to sustain our admin fees and also programs set up for children. Any donation or help will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know hoow to get any grant from the government or the public to support Living Hope projects for the children. Thank you.

  62. sir we ran small ngo jan sewa sansthan sinc.1989 we ran more project.sc/st,bpl,shg, woman,child,in uttarakhand almora.we need sgp from your fund sport. Thank,s leela bhatt.jss almora

  63. dear sir

    greetings from UPAMA-Unnayan Parikalpanay Manush. we are in Bangladesh and working as partner NGO of OXFAM HONGKONG, NGO FORUM and BRAC.and implementing livelihood security program, water and sanitation, education support program for dropout children. but we cant develop our organizational capacity due to fund.

    please suggest us how can raise fund and develop our organization

  64. Respect Sir,Greetings from DCSES Devi Convent School Education Society. we are in Andhra Pradesh and working as partner NGO Govt funds CACL forum and Adivasa net work implementing livelihood security program, water and sanitation, education support program for dropout children. but we cant develop our organizational capacity due to fund.

  65. I am SMolonga Simon from Cameroon and founder of GRACELAND FOUNDATION FOR THE OLD AND NEEDY(GLAFON); which is an ngo.
    Please sir, i wish you help me how i get partners for my foundation and funding.

  66. Sir,

    We are running an NGO called LANKU VALLEY SOCIETY FOR BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION, Its registration Number is S/1L/82276. We are almost one and a half years old now and we are located in a remote area of Darjeeling West Bengal India.
    Our main area of our work is Environment, agriculture, Poverty, women trafficking Child and adult education etc.. Though we are quite a new Organisation, we have with our honest and energetic youth member strength started working on environment and education…. though we know we still have miles to go…

    As said earlier, we are new and financially weak, till date we have not found any body or any doners to support us thou we have lots of project to start here like project Salamander (which is at the verge of extinct and no were to be found in india except here), Himalayan Birds like Horn bill (specific variety which is also said to be an endengered species are found here) and many more..

    Sir, is there anyone who could help us here??


    Sagar Khawas

  67. Sir,
    Am the founder of young adult organization of Ghana (yaog).
    Young adult organization of Ghana (yaog) is well registered
    Organization ,as a non profit making organization , has played responsibility in Ghana and it Environ through cultural activities. as a non-governmental organization whose goals are Poverty Reduction Programs, Gender Equality, Basic Education, Water ,Hygiene and sanitation, community development ,including Healthcare and sports.
    The organization will be happy if you will consider us as a long-term partner and allow us to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.
    Thank you.

    1. Sir you know District Dir upper is a backward,hard,undeveloped and uneducated Distric in all K.P.K privance pakistan .In this regards i have opened one number of institute for modren education for youth in the name of (Lawari Computer Institute ) to stand on har foot .In this situation we need fund.
      Address Saleem Market Main bazar Dir Tehsial and District Dir upper K.p.k pakistan

  68. What’s Taking place i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & help other users like its helped me. Good job.

  69. I want to set up an NGO in Sri Lanka. I shall be grateful if you kindly arrange to send me procedure and Forms for this purpose. Best regards.
    Iqbal Ahmed, Chairman, izatwaqar at gmail dot com, from pakistan

  70. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have really loved browsing your weblog posts.

    After all I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

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