23 thoughts on “Join Now!

    1. prodip says:

      Hi, Jayanto; You can read the job and project post to know the contemporary issues of development. You are alos welcome to join in discussion in any articles where you have interest and having to say something! Express yourself and inform others your ideas and thoughts. Hope, together we can able to make a better planet.

  1. Monirul says:

    Dear Prodip Da
    Really this is a nice opportunity to know and learn contemporary global information.

    Thanking you

  2. prodip says:

    Hi, Milon Bhai
    Thanks for comments! If you put your opinion in any posts, it will help us to create a healthy debate. We need it.


  3. Social Trust for Accretion of Retrogrades (STAR) is a registered non-governmental organization working among rual women and urban poor and its worked Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India. The organization objectives are Women empowerment, Health, Environment, Micro credit, Education.

  4. dr. tultul baruah says:

    i have a non registered ngo.I am working for last five years.I want to know how can
    we able to apply for funds.

  5. sir,we have a regd. society,and now we are doing last five years various type of Dev. work,such as health,environment,education, women empowerment etc. so please advice us how we will get fund.

  6. Tonia says:

    I want to set up a training centre for young girls in my rural village when I retire from public service. How do I go about being funded for the project?

  7. Sanjoy Kumar Ghosh says:

    we are run a organization (NGO) since 2004. Now we want short type central govt. confirm proposal . Kindly cooperate me. M-09434246981/08016850837.

  8. i have a ngo name Benevolent in tegrated rural dev. society in india westbengal ,birbhum district,working various as pect,microfinance,childlabour
    health,education,social uplift for women through shg,legal aids,other society,
    please support for fund serious crisis,please help us
    sabyasachi mukherjee

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