Volunteer Initiative Worldwide

Across an ocean of silence, some people dream to build the society a livable place. The section informs you about these people and their initiative. If you have any initiative or if you have news about such initiative,  please inform us; so that we can add it here.

Sometimes inspiration comes from example and that why we wish to make a catalog on inpiring initiative which could be encouraged others  to work for the people as well as society.

Act Now! Support the Victim: Act Now! Support the Victim is a initiative of Online Knowledge Centre. Under this campaign, financial and materials supports were collected from personal contacts to support victims of Cyclone Aila and Cyclone SIDR.  Please Read the Appeal and Update.

Swapno Mother Manush Hobo: Swapno Mother Manush Hobois  a new approach to educate the unperprivileged particularly for slum children. The approach has created hope to 142 slum children of Payarabugh Slum of Maghbazar, Dhaka to build their future.

Bhalobashar Batighar: A group of University Student is working for providing  education to unprivileged children. After devastating cyclone Aila, these group took an initiative named Kajer Binimoy Bhalobasa programme. Under this programme, they have assisted directly the victims to re-build their future.

Meghna Par Dhibor Bidya Niketon

Two blogger took an initiative to establish a school for children of fisher-folk of Meghna River and they have established it with assistance of local people of MojuChowdhury Hat, Laxipur District where 100 children are getting primary education. For more: Please Read

Jago Foundation

On one of my recent survey in Bangladesh I was working with a group of children and near the end of the day, as I began to leave, all the children gathered around to say goodbye. I got to know that these boys and girls, from age’s 3 years old and up, were from the streets and garbage dumps. Some had been just wandering around not sure of where to go or how to survive.
Why were these things on the minds of young children? These are questions I have found in many parts of the Bangladesh with those that have lost loved ones or have been separated from family members. But these little ones have not been put out because it was their choice or that they wanted their freedom. This was a decision forced on them because of their surroundings. Read More

– Founder  Korvi Rakshand wrote about this initiative

সেলিমের সুগন্ধি ধান: শখের শেষ নেই মানুষের। শখ মেটাতে গিয়ে কষ্টেও ক্লান্তি নেই। বরং এতে আনন্দই বেশি। এ জন্য একজন সংগ্রাহকের নিভৃত ভাণ্ডার সমৃদ্ধ হয় প্রিয় জিনিসে। এমন একজন সংগ্রাহক সিলেটের দক্ষিণ সুরমা উপজেলার কদমতলী এলাকার কৃষিপণ্য ব্যবসায়ী আবদুল বাছির ওরফে সেলিম (৩৬)। ৪১ জাতের সুগন্ধি ধান আছে তাঁর সংগ্রহে। শুধু সৌরভেই নয়, আকৃতি এবং চাষের পদ্ধতিতেও বেশ বৈচিত্র্য আছে এসব ধানে। সংগৃহীত ধানে বেশ কয়েকটি বিরল জাত রয়েছে। তবে স্রেফ মনের ক্ষুধা মেটাতেই আর দশজন শখের সংগ্রাহকের মতো এই ব্যতিক্রমী কাজে নামেননি তিনি। দেড় যুগ ধরে সংগৃহীত এসব সুগন্ধি ধান দেশের মানুষের বৃহত্তর কল্যাণে দান করবেন সেলিম। ১ অগ্রহায়ণ ‘কৃষি দিবসে’ কৃষি সমপ্রসারণ অধিদপ্তরের কাছে তিনি হস্তান্তর করবেন এসব ধানবীজ। পরে তা সরকারিভাবে সংরক্ষিত হবে।

Borgen Project: The Borgen Project is creating a political force for the world’s poor. We’re building an influential ally for the most neglected, ignored and destitute people on the planet and building a powerful poverty-reduction movement that can champion humanitarian causes.

চা বেচে বিদ্যালয়

Abdul Khaleque (82) by profession, he is a tea seller of the street, man of Nalua Chandpur village under Barura Upazilla, Comilla. Abdul Khaleque born in 1930 and passed class seven in 1942. He speaks pure Bangla. Villagers will laugh at him for hearing pure Bangla from his mouth. So, he felt that only educated people could realize about the civilization. So, he thinks to set up a school for the children of the villagers. In 1996, he sets up a school in this own land which was his only asset. Abdul Khalaque has made a difference, you can join it!

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  1. I Naresh Joshi working as tribal activicts in India mainly in North East giving guidance and knowledge about the Govt.policies and directive of Various courts as there are many courts judgements which in favouring them The supreme Court of India given the directive that non other than tribals can have the rights in mining in the sheduled areas but due to lack of support the tribals of North east are not able to avail the oppertunity of court order as your self in Bangladesh you are the right person to get the benifit of the said court order as because the factory which is importing the minerals from India i.e.North East India is in Bangladesh.At present I am stationed at Detroit and going back to India on 15th Jan.2013 I am eager to get your support in this matter for the upliftment of poor tirbals.thanking you yours Naresh Joshi.

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