Work Experience


Moderator, Online Knowledge Centre

Consultant, Policy, Research, Training and Institution Building

: Training, Research and Advocacy

: Institution Building and Policy Development
: Project Proposal Writings and Project Evaluation                                           

: Project Implementation Plan (PIP) Development

: Project Monitoring Plan Development

: NetworkiNG Strategy and Policy Advocacy

Thematic Speciality                        

: Industrial Relations and Labour Codes,

: Fair Trade and Globalization

: Formal and Informal Economy

: Budget and Good Governance

: Climate Change 


Designation and Organization      :
Chief Executive Officer
Sushashonner Jonny Procharavizan –SUPRO.
Duration                                            : January 2007 – February 2009

 Summery of Responsibilities:

 SUPRO, is a network of grass NGOs and CBOs working with about 600 member organisations. As Chief Executive Officer, I was the operational manager and spoke person for the organisation. With a team of 14 staff in the Secretariat, I was responsible for the implementation of the key projects of the network such as, ‘Activists Capacity Building for Equity and Justice and Debt Cancellation and Essential Services Campaign” supported Oxfam/Novib, ” and Promoting Access to Information for Greater Accountability and Governance” supported ARTICLE 19.

 My responsibilities also included capacity building of staffs and partners on political economy and economic empowerment, policy advocacy, partnership development with the 46 district secretaries representing member organisations, project planning, monitoring progress and quality feedback, capacity building of network organisations, finance management and representation the organisation at the national, regional and global forums.

 My policy advocacy work included advocacy and campaign on “Economic Empowerment through People Centred and Decentralised Budget Formulation”, “Monitoring the Public Services at Grassroots Level” and “Monitoring the Progress of Millennium Development Goals”. As part of this campaign I prepared policy briefs for advocacy with the government, multilateral organisations such as the WB and political parties. As a result of this work SUPRO managed to procure the Oxfam/Novib grant for debt cancellation and essential services campaign. SUPRO has been elected the country focal organisation for Bangladesh  of the South Asian Association for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) and Jubilee South, for my efforts on alliance building for advocacy.

As part of my work on partnership development a number new partners joined the network, I also focussed on the capacity building beyond project activities and we managed to organise trainings on both thematic and skills related issues such as political economy of globalisation, economic development, public-private partnership, right based approach and policy advocacy.

I also represented SUPRO at international and regional levels to the World Social Forum, SAAPE meetings for food sovereignty and peasant’s rights and at the SAARC Peoples Assembly in India, Nepal and SriLanka.

Previous Job Experiences:

Designation and Organisation

Policy Research and Advocacy Unit
Labour Law Reform and Working Women Leadership Development Project
Karmojibi Nari (KN)
Duration:  January 2003 – December 2006
Reasons of Leaving: Due to Project Phasing Out.

Programme Officer
Labour Law Reform and Working Women Leadership Development Project
Karmojibi Nari (KN)
Duration: February 2002 – December 2003
Reasons of Leaving: Due to Promotion

Data Analyst
Research Section
Duration:  March 1999- January 2002
Reasons of Leaving: Due to Joining in Development Field.

Personal Statement on Experiences: 

  • As working as Chief Executive Officer at SUPRO, my prime responsibility was to prepare plan of implementation of activities and monitor the progress of activities taken by 14 staffs of secretariat according to prepared plan. 
  • I was responsible person for the implementation 3 key projects such as `Activists Capacity Building for Equity and Justice’ and  `Debt Cancellation and Essential Services Campaign’ supported by Oxfam Novib and `Promoting Access to Information for Greater Accountability and Governance’ supported by ARTICLE 19 at SUPRO. With a team of 14 staffs, I have successfully implemented various types of activities such as policy advocacy, partnership development at 46 districts, project planning, monitoring progress, financial management, capacity building of partners to achieve the projects goals. 
  • As working in a network organisation like SUPRO, I have implemented most of the project activities at district level through our network partners. In Bangladesh, SUPRO has worked in 46 districts with about 600 partner’s organisation. 
  • At Karmojibi Nari (KN), an initiative of working women, I have leaded 3 members team of policy, research and advocacy unit. As coordinator of this unit, I was responsible to conduct policy research and advocacy to achieve project goals and objectives. To conduct these types of works, I built up liaison to grow a networking relationship with national media, journalists, policy makers, political parties and others professional bodies to influence on specific advocacy issues such as Semi-Skilled and Low Skilled Labour Migration (Mode-4 of GATS), Labour Law Reform, Working Women Rights at Workplaces.  


Knowledge and Skills

  • As a development activist and self-learner, everyday I monitor the different development issues and campaign launched by different organisaiton such as make poverty history, make trade fair, climate justice, GCAP, SAAPE, One World Network, Oxfam, Christian Aid, War on Want, ARTICLE 19, CIVICUS etc. I am a regular reader of these campaign newsletters as a subscriber. From reading these newsletters, I learned advocacy and campaign strategy on contemporary issues.  
  • I am a regular blogger ( and regularly use facebook, skypee (prodipsupro) and flickers to share experiences to initiate online campaign. 
  • I enjoy preparing policy briefs and case studies on different issues especially on agriculture, poverty, neo-liberal economy, essential services, aid, trade, debt, budget, climate change and right to information to share with my online friends.    

Ability and Commitment 

  • I have working experiences in a network organisation like SUPRO, where I have prime responsibility to building capacity of network member to facilitate campaign and advocacy at district level with a team of 14 staffs.  
  • I have successfully leaded 3 members team at Policy, Research and Advocacy Unit of Karmojibi Nari (KN). 
  • At the academic institution Carmichael College where I studied, I founded different cultural organisations such as Spondon Nattya Gosti and SabdoKantho. During Chittagong Cyclone on 1991, I with my cultural team, we conducted humanitarian relief works at Rangpur and sent a large number of saline packets to Chittagong. 
  • Beyond my personal belief, I have an working experiences in a women organisation like Karmojibi Nari (KN) where gender sensitiveness was the prime issue which I have to deal at my every steps of activities.



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  1. I am interested in setting up a NGO for Old Age Home cum Poly-Clinic in the Garhwal Hills. Can you provide me some such information that will help me in pursuing my interests in the Welfare of the needy people?

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