National Political Will for Development

We, the people, particularly of the least developed countries should act together to face the global trends of expanding the gap of inequality people to people under the so-called policy regime of market liberalisation as well as unfair globalisation. Here, the government, particularly aid dependent poor courtries (!) like Bangladesh should act together with the people, political parties, trade unions, farmer organisations, citizen groups, professional bodies as well as whole nations; not only in dialogues, but in the policy formulation and implementations. We should do it; if we fails which comtemprorary trends shows, it will take us in a crucial movement of sufferings!

What are the major probem of our countries? The aid groups and northern countries shows that political instablity, lack of transparency of public services, corruption, inefficiency in service deliveries …… and we also make an eco on it. But is those are the major problem? May be or May not be! Just examine the diplomacy of global comtemporary policy regime where market dominated over the people absolutely. The corporations (TNCs / MNCs)  of rich countries invests their total efforts to expand their market worldwide and the global policies are formulated in these regards at  World Economic Forum held in DAVOS  each year which are facilitated by IFIs like WB, IMF, ADB, WTO  petronized by rich countries. The TNCs / MNCs make continous pressure to their own government to facilitate their recommendations produced by DAVOS consultation. Without investing time and thoughts, we could make a conclusion that  the policies which are produced at DAVOS are suitable for market expansion of corporations, but there have a very little interest for poor countries like Bangladesh. But we have to adopt those policy recommendations; if we shows our reluctance, then they shows us direct and indirect threat for not giving aid or financial assistance! Not only that, the corporations invests much more money and industries to capture the national governments of countries worldwide. Sometimes, they put their fingers to change the political regime of a country as per their wishes. We know, we and our politicians are responsible for our political instablity, but we could not be sure, we are absolutely responsible!

A country never go ahead without national consensus as well as political consensus in their development issues, we know it; but fate of fortune, we haven’t it till now! There have hardly any initiative to make it. Continuing these trends, we could not think a prosperious Bangladesh in near future which people dreams.

We should create a national concensus on some buring issues like Tipaimukh Dam, Water Sharing Issues with India, Asian Highway, Trail of War Criminal, PRS-2, TIFA and Exporation of Off-shore Gases and  Opposition Role of Parliament. The government and opposition have taken opposite sides on every issues indicated as above and fights each other.  Government argued that they are serving interest of nation and opposition are demanding that government has destroying the soverignty of state! Solution, We need! But there have no light on solution. So, the intervention of rich countries (Ambassadors and High Commissioners) occures friequently to solve these kinds of difficulties!  

The political parties have right to decide their own strategy and people have right to expect positive decision from political leaders. In the recent days, we found that ministers and policy makers of the government criticized directly the role and prescriptions of development partners, particularly WB, IMF and ADB. Differing with the prescription of WB-IMF, Bangladesh plans to provide subsidy in fertiliseer to boost production of farm sector. The parliament also criticizes the role of financial institution during discussion on 2nd PRS at National Parliament while the lenders turmed PRSP II projections overambitious. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wajed  claims  in the plenary session of the 4th European Development Day 2009, titled `Climate Change: The Road to Copenhagen and Beyond‘ that  rich countries must pay climate adaptation compensation as an additional and distinct from ODA targets of 0.7% of GNI as reaffirmed in the Burssels Programme of Action. She also demands to form an international committee through United Nations to oversee the impacts of climate change on different countries and expedite the efforts for rehabilitating the victims of global warming.

These are the big challenges for government to implement these policy decision alone. Necessarily the government should take effective measures to make a national political concensus as well as preparing a national political will with all political parties particularly with opposition. Each year, we found that the government fails to implement ADP properly. About all the previous government felt that it is happened each year due to strict public procurement act which had formulated under the policy guidances of financial institution. These year the government has taken initiative to reform the public procurement act and made a draft. The opposition has differed on the draft; but the govenment does not take it in ear. But they have re-write it while the financial institutions again rejects some clauses of the draft. It has created a unhealthy practices of political environment which impacts in political parties. It should be stopped. There have a lot of emerging issues with political parties which I have indicated above should be resolved for developing political consusness for national interest. While the solution is not getting in proper ways, the mal-practices occures normally. Recently the oppostion sat with the foreign diplomates to update them about political situation of Bangladesh. It is not fair to call the foreign friends in our national problem; but it has taken place! We should re-think about such kind of practices.

The political parties irrespective of government, opposition and others should remember the past regime of care-taker government and act upon remembering these non-democratic practices and sufferings. So, this is the time to develop a political will for serving the national interest without any differences! We should act on it first to face the global partners to secure our national interest.

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