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Note: Now a days some of respected readers and viewers of this blog are seeking funds for their initiative. For your kind information, please note that we do not provide any financial supports to any organizations. But we have a keen interest to share the mutual understanding to expand our capacity and skills to mobilize the fund for the initiative through conducting online discussion. If anybody interested in such discussion, please share your ideas and experience here, so that we can achieve more ideas and skills for expanding our fund mobilization capacity.

So, We will reply the comments of valuable readers and viewers who are interested in only fund mobilization discussion.





25 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I am the owner of an NGO who is interested in your Organization/Foundation, and I was hoping how I can become a member.So, therefore I want to know about procedures.

    Health Right Society (HRS)

    1. respted sir
      details of activites taken up duringthe last threeyers related to familycounseling/empowerment of women:empowermental awareness programme family counseling programme,consumer programme,health programme and other various programme.empowerment
      i want to know your organistion details and also your progammes our ngo samall,we are doing lot of progammes smallamounts kindly do the needful help.

  2. Hello,
    I am Omosola Oluwaseun Babatunde, i am sending this mail on behalf of other member of this club,Akesan Heritage Club, Ondo State.The club, founded in the year 2002,has performed some laudable projects within the town, Iperu Remo in Ogun State, the recent being the Brain Teaser Programme organized among Secondary Schools in Ikenne Local Government.

    Sir,in other for us to make this year’s programme more remarkable,we decided to add AIDS/HIV Awareness Campaign to it and we will want an association like yours to partner with so that the programme can be a huge success and the programme is scheduled for November this year 2010.
    Sir/Ma we will like to hear from you soonest.
    Thank you and God bless .

  3. Respected Sir,

    It is a non-profit organization located in slum area of dapodi city Pune country INDIA. It is a unique shelter home for a deprived, parent-less children who do not get any support from the society. There are 50 children in the home. My first priority is to provide health, shelter and quality education to enable the future of the children.

    Mission statement:

    My request to you if any possibilities to make a grants for the mention area, please call to me. I hope that your co-operation is being with us.

    Devidas Survase-Founder President

    1. Bio-data

    Name: Devidas Laxman Survase (Founder President)

    Address: Pilaji Kate Chawl, Dapodi

    City :Pune State: Maharashtra

    Country: INDIA

    Contact: (M)+91 9823243500/ 9822644506
    (R) 020-27143094


    Date of birth: 13-8- 1963

    Education: 9th Passed

    Background Information:

    I properly belong from Usmanabad district, when I was 9 years, my parents passed away, it was a difficult situation to manage an educational platform to me. I was elder to my two sisters and a brother. It has a tragedy that nobody has given a shelter to me. I have started begging on a rail-way station. A godfather Mr. Kale teacher has admitted me in Vidarthi Groh for education. In the period I have get a job in CIRT as a sweeper. I get married with Chabubai which belongs from Usmanabad district.
    I have two sons and one daughter; they are studying a college education. My elder son helps me in my business construction.

    CIRT (Govt. Dept) : I have completed 12 years in the CIRT institute.

    Why choose the social field:
    When I was working in CIRT, it does not get any satisfaction to me. My heart always ignores me to do something to the children. Meanwhile, I met with Pornima Kamble, she was doing a social work on the orphan children, I just suggest her about my idea and hence it has established a saraswati anath ashram on 12th December 1995.

    Attachment with saraswati anath ashram:
    Since last 15 years I am involve with the saraswati ashram. A rental room has been converted own building of the organization. All the basic things are available to the children.

    2. Background Information of saraswati ashram

    A founder president himself suffers experience of an orphan child when he was at 9 years. It was a difficult situation which unable him to carry the education. A situation prepares him to go to Pune for an employment. In lot efforts he gets a job in CIRT (Central Institute of Road Transport) as a sweeper. He gets married with Chabubai which belongs to near his village, Limbala, dist Latoor. He is having 2 sons and a daughter. He personally not satisfied in this job. He wants to do something to the orphan children. At the time Pronima Kamble, she was doing fundraising efforts to NGO’s which established in Nagpur (Bal Adhar Kendra), Mr Premkumar Shendey was a Key person.
    Accidently, Mr. Survase met to Pornima Kamble and they had been made a long discussion about the work and it gets starts for a saraswati anath ashram which established in 12th December 1995.
    In beginning, we have done a basic survey of PCMC area. In the survey we found 6 orphan children which found on rail-way station, roaming on the streets. We have admitted them in the ashram. Day by day the strength goes to 35 children.

    At the time it has no funds to run the program; I myself contribute my salary to fulfil the basic requirements of food-grains. My wife, Pronima Kamble and my brother Mr. Kiran has made voluntary commitments to do this work.
    I have delivered an interview on Radio station, which gets publicity to the local people. I also made an appeal in Indian express for construction of an orphan home. It gets reply from Telco Labour Union who has builds one room to the children. A few NGO`s and a well-wishers who have been made a good attachments to this work. A few NGO`s like Vanchit –Vikas, Sathi has referred an orphan children to the ashram.

    When I return from my job I constant goes to the local donors who are willing to do some food or ration or any basic things, I have been made a good rapport with the well-wishers to make a contribution of the program, it get no sufficient time to manage all the things, the reason affects me to relieve a job of CIRT.

    In 2000, I have left a job in CIRT and started total commitments for my work. In the period I have completed construction work of basic requirements. Now there is a small office, boy’s room, girl’s room, kitchen, toilets, bathroom and a study room to the children.

  4. CHARDEP was founded in 1998 and registered as a Trust . The working mantra of CHARDEP is “Partnering People for Development” . CHARDEP has worked with the marginalized and rural communities throughout the district of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India
    Our main focus is on Women empowerment and Health.(HIV/AIDS)Community Care Centre for affected people.
    We are trying to raise fund to provide help and support for the people in need.
    Thank you.

    Dear sir|

    We are working in NGO sector since 8 years three years ago i am formed a new organizations Aathichristians federation. we are facing lots of problem for sustaineblity of my organization. we are working among tha poor and needy christians and dalit christians development, right,inditual ecnomic development,and ministry work through awereness, meetings, campaigns.I my organization dew too funding suport so, pls advoice for me.
    Thanking you.

  6. “Greetings From ISD”-institute for self development.

    Dear sir,

    ISD founded in 2008 and registered as a Trust we working of ISD is people development especialy womens and urphan peoples, unorganized workers rights and development, childrens right,to impro the self confidencial minds.ISD has worked with the marginalized and rural communities throughout the five district of Tamil Nadu.We are trying to raise fund to provide help and support for the people in need.
    Thanking with regards.

  7. Respected Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from India!

    Subject: Request to furnish the guideline and the application from to apply for grant Requested-Regarding.

    RENAISSANCE SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY-RSWS is a registered Charitable non-governmental voluntary organization.

    We are involved in socio-economic up-liftment of the rural poor who are living below the poverty line peoples in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor District in India, 30 to 40 per cent of the people in the country were below the poverty line and have no access to basic amenities.

    Our programmes are aimed at Children Welfare, Women Empowerment, Basic Education and Literacy, Water Aid, Animal and Agricultural, family Helper Projects. etc…

    I therefore request you to support our projects in serving the needy of the people in the rural area. Please send us your news letters and other information.

    Anticipating your early reply,

    Yours truly,
    2-851, S.V.Colony,

    Mobile:00 91 9849975346

  8. Dear Sir,
    My name is David Amankwah from Ghana and I want to establish NGO in my community,Due to poor sanitation,hospital.I want to put up a clinic,pipe born water for the those poor people there.I need help from you,Just now I have finished Computer School and this is what I want to do now to help the community.I don’t have financial now,so kindly help me on this.
    You can mail me on :
    E-mail :
    My Skype is: david.amankwah1
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I’m from small city of Pakistan.I want to estblish an NGO for dairy development as i can help the poor,please help me.
    Kindly grant me the funds as I help t he poor peoples..

  10. I have interested to join your network. we are doing service and income generation actiiitis, thrift and credit programmes in kurnool District of Andhra pradesh,india. We need funding for service programmes and loans for livelihood programmes in our target areass. kindly advised.provide necessary assistance toour ngos for bettr results in our target areas poor people.


  11. ROSE is registered organisation working among the rural person with disabilities in Two districts called Cuddalore and Thiruvannamalai of Tamilnadu,India. We are mainly concentrating to construct Ecological Toilets among the person with disabilities and conducting screening camps for fixing artificial limbs,hands and aids and appliances. We would like to join your net work for upscaling our initiatives. Kindly guide us to explore our vision through your valuable guidelines for empowering them through rehabilitation initiatives.

  12. We want to join your network. we are doing multiple programes in rural areas , like medical camps, sports, awarness programes, cultural programes etc. in khurda, cuttack & keonjhar District of Odisha,india. We need funding for servicing more programmes and loans for poors in our target areass. So kindly advised & provide necessary assistance to our NGO for bettr results in our target areas for poor & backward people.

    Thanking you
    Sk Habib Khejar

  13. Deesworld Touch Humanity .
    We are an organization based in kenya .
    We are a an organization based in Nairobi Kenya . Called Deesworld
    Touch Humanity and we are looking for funds in order to diversify our
    projects in Kenya .
    This the Organization Details.
    Deesworld Touch-Humanity(DTH) is a non-profit organization founded in
    January 2009 .The founder members had a common desire to join forces
    and take steps to touch the souls of the
    needy, troubled and suffering people in community through humanitarian
    DTH developed locally voluntary sector programme and a policy framework
    to help execute its mandate. Today, DTH is trying to established
    international partnership and collaborates with more other local
    community development projects and institutions in Kenya,
    Uganda,Tanzania and Sudan – the world’s most popular destinations for
    volunteer and holiday
    vacations. The projects will be located in the rural villages and
    semi-urban areas where the level of awareness is still low, resources
    limited and abject poverty and diseases is widespread.DTH programms
    will be and is based on concepts of gap year and career breaks – which
    means taking time off from your normal study or work life to discover
    the world and yourself. The programms allows one to travel, work with
    disadvantaged communities and discover new places – a life-changing
    opportunity to share life, exchange skills and experience an enriching
    cultural diversity for the benefit of greater friendship. Hundreds of
    people are coming to Africa every month to volunteer, donate to orphans
    or enjoy holiday adventures.

    DTH aim to works to alleviate human suffering socially,
    psychologically and economically through provision of life-support
    mechanism by promoting volunteering as a powerful force for change,
    both for those who volunteer and for the wider community.

    To promote development by providing additional human and resources to
    help communities utilize locally available resources and opportunities
    – as they identify,design and implement them.

    To develop programms,recruit participants, mobilize materials to
    stimulate local people in their struggle to overcome challenges to
    attain un-met needs.
    For details on how you can fund us reach us on

  14. I am interested to partner with ,hope lam going to learn a lot. I was so touched with your exceptional vision. I am Minister ,hope we are going to share a lot. More love.

  15. Sir,
    I have a ngo working since 2 years for poor people in Pakistan.our organiation is looking for grant.we are facing floods and other disasters.we need funds to face all the things.Ur promt reply will be highly appreciated from our side.
    kindest Regards.
    Vice President
    Khushhali Foundation.

  16. Respected sir/Madam,
    I am R.jagan i want to help rural area poor peoples .I planed to give free vocational training and jop placement . i wont have finance because now only i finished my degree .please help me

  17. hi sir,
    I’ m Rekha Rajput .I m running my NGo from 16 th june 1994 in the fields like awarness camps, education and vocational courses. I read about you and i m really interested that anybody give us funds. my website is

  18. Am ssaka dan from uganda am an orphan i completed A-level in 2008 but failed to join university due to lack of tution fee please help me coz i want to do bussiness administration. hope for positive consideration.

  19. Sir we have organization for that we want to meet to you.Pls send me ur office address properly

  20. I Am Greatly Influenced With The Writings Of Pradeep .K.Roy.
    We Do Seek Funds From Global Communities In Order To Successfully Carrying Out The Social Venture Of ,”Globalized Cottage Industries”, To Run By The SHG Members[Females Belonging To The Economically Deprived Communities In Our Surroundings] .
    We Are Based At Chhattisgarh,India

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