Empowerment of Common People

The volunteers, mostly students from different universities and colleges have given an exciting experiences for social transformation with their enthusiastic behaviors! 4 years ago, the journey started with only few volunteers to raise the youth voices against injustice, particularly injustice in the economic sector. With the volunteers, we raise demand for budgetary allocation for youth employment which yet to be undone effectively. The volunteers participated in campaign programme with different networks demanding climate justice, reforming fiscal budgetary process, online privacy, consumer rights, farmers rights! From these campaign, they learn and inspire to form an institutional process which will bring a real change within the individual and society as well!

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Who Pays for What!

Activista volunteer at Isle of ShadyThe Tax Justice campaigners from Austria briefed that for every $1 in aid to developing countries, several dollars slip out through tax dodging. As much as US$255 billion is lost every year to governments around the world because of the no or low taxation of funds in offshore centers. And Also the IF campaign lunched in UK briefed, “Enough food for everyone IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so millions of people can free themselves from hunger”.

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Global Economic Justice Forum (GEJF)

Brief Report of the Meeting of Global Economic Justice Forum (GEJF)
September 02, 2008 | Venue: BARCIK Office, Dhaka


·        How   could we carry forward the GEJF process?

Discussions and Decisions


Mr. Sukanto from BARCIK welcomed everyone and the house requested Mr. Mohsin from Governance Coalition to preside over the meeting. Then Aamanur Rahman from ActionAid Bangladesh discussed briefly about agenda of the meeting. Regarding the GEJF process, two kinds of statement were found and discussed. Some participants said GEJF should be an annual forum for the anti-neoliberal activists and should be a platform for culmination of experiences and innovation around the economic justice issues. Some others said only a single event can not culminate all these activism and there should have series of actions throughout the year. Some other emphasized the importance of these two side by side, as only an annual event can not sustain the issues and on the other hand a structured process will give it a project look which will be additional burden for the whole members/ organizers.

Finally it was suggested by the house that a small working group would be formed to work on this issue along with the modalities to run the forum effectively. This group will sit on 08-09-08 at 3.00pm at WAVE office, Lalmatia, Dhaka. The house proposed the following persons as volunteers of the ad hoc working committee. The committee will place their suggestions by this month through email notification. After Eid vacation a general meeting will be summoned to discuss on the proposals. This ad hoc committee will keep functioning only up till next general meeting.

Ad hoc Working Committee Volunteers:

  1. Mr. Sukanto – BARCIK
  2. Ratan Sarkar – INCIDIN
  3. Ahmed Swapan – VOICE
  4. Prodip Roy – SUPRO
  5. Maliha Shahjahan – APIT
  6. Md. Hilaluddin – Angikar Bd
  7. Shamima Nasrin – Sadhin Bangla GSKF
  8. Asgar Ali Sabri – ActionAid Bangladesh
  9. Mohsin Ali – WAVE/ Governance Coalition
  10. Mosleh Uddin Sapan – ROOTS
  11. Shirin Akter – Karmojibi Nari 

 Meeting  Participants

  1. Mir Abul Kalam Azad, Sadhin Bangla
  2. Shamima Nasrin,  Sadhin Bangla
  3. T alib Bashar Nayan – Unnayan Dhara
  4. Kamruzzaman Sagar – BARCIK
  5. A. R. Aaman – ActionAid Bd
  6. Sharifuzzaman Sharif – Nagorik Sanghati
  7. Mohsin Ali – Wave Foundation
  8. Faizullah Choudhury – BUP
  9. Sk Giasuddin Shuvro – PSTC
  10. Feroza Begum – Bachte Shekho Nari
  11. Maliha Shahjahan – APIT
  12. Ratan Sarkar – INCIDIN
  13. Farhat Jahan – ActionAid Bd
  14. Sukanto Sen – BARCIK
  15. Farzana Akhter – VOICE
  16. Abdur Rashid – Angikar Bd
  17.  Khalid Hossain – Rupayan/ Jute Protection Committee
  18. A lamgir Islam Lablu -SPS
  19. Marufia Nur Shifa – Karmojibi nari
  20. M oslemUddin Sapan – Roots
  21. Jakir Hossain – JJS
  22. Prodip Roy – SUPRO