Advocacy Opportunities

National and International Days

20 February ::: World Day of Social Justice
21 February ::: International Mother Language Day
08 March ::: International Women’s Day
21 March  ::: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22 March ::: World Water Day
23 March ::: World Meteorological Day
26 March ::: Independence Day (Bangladesh)
07 April  ::: World Health Day
23 April  ::: World Book and Copyright Day
01 May ::: May Day
03 May ::: World Press Freedom Day
15 May ::: International Day of Families
17 May ::: World Information Society Day
21 May  ::: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
22 May :::International Day for Biological Diversity
31 May ::: World No-Tobacco Day
05 June ::: World Environment Day
17 June ::: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
20 June ::: World Refugee Day
23 June  ::: United Nations Public Service Day
1st Saturday July ::: International Day of Cooperatives
11 July ::: World Population Day
09 August ::: International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
12 August  ::: International Youth Day
08 September ::: International Literacy Day
15 September  ::: International Day of Democracy
16 September  ::: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
21 September  ::: International Day of Peace
1st Monday October::: World Habitat Day
01 October ::: International Day for Older Persons
05 October ::: World Teacher’s Day
07 October ::: World Day for Decent Work
15 October ::: International Rural Women Day
16 October ::: World Food Day
17 October ::: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
24 October ::: United Nations Day 
                        ::: World Development Information Day
3rd Sun of November ::: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
08 November ::: World Town Planning Day
16 November ::: International Day of Tolerance
20 November ::: Universal Children’s Day
25 November  ::: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
01 December ::: World AIDS Day
02 December ::: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
03 December ::: International Day of Disabled Persons
05 December ::: International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
10 December ::: Human Rights Day
16 December ::: Victory Day (Bangaldesh)
18 December ::: International Migrants Day
19 December ::: United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
20 December ::: International Human Solidarity Day

National and International Events

National Parliament
Bangladesh Development Forum
National Budget and Implementation
LCG Group
Local Goverment Institution
UN Development Coopeation Forum (DCF)
G8 Summit
G20 Summit
WTO Ministrial
World Economic Forum
World Social Forum


One thought on “Advocacy Opportunities”

  1. Attn: Sir,
    Greetings from Emma Ekwonna Youth Empowerment Foundation (aka EEYEF), a non political party or political organization/movement, a non- governmental, not for profit and self help organization established here in Nigeria with the aim of training and empowering women, youths, disabled persons, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
    Empowering women will help to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, reduce the rate of moral crimes like prostitution/capital crimes, reduce domestic violence, create employment, aid women to participate in politics and decision making in Nigeria hence they contribute positively to the economy of the nation (gender equality).
    Empowering youths helps to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, reduce crimes like violence, thuggery, touting, prostitution, kidnapping/hostage-taking, armed robbery, drug abuse/smuggling and other fraudulent activities.
    Empowering disabled persons help to give them sense of belonging in the society. It also helps to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and they will contribute to the economic growth of the nation.
    Fairing for OVC’s helps to grow to be useful in life.
    It is based on the above that EEYEF as a humanitarian organization was set up to see how these sets of human beings can be reached positively.
    Generally, this humanitarian organization was established to help the teaming youths, women and disabled persons in Nigeria who have no good means of livelihood, to give them hope in life which will make them to shun all manners of evil practices like violence, thuggery, touting, prostitution, kidnapping/hostage-taking and other fraudulent activities. It is a fact that the world is afraid of HIV/AIDS and wants to stop it, idle youths and women are agents of the spread, but when empowered, it will reduce the spread of this pandemic.
    EEYEF have researched and discovered that a lot of women and youths both graduates and non graduates are lackadaisical to look for job or engage in any meaningful employment, since there is scarcity of white collar jobs and they have no vocational training. This has made them to loose focus in life and increase violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS.
    In any case, this could be stopped and these groups of people will have hope in life. This can only be achieved by training and empowering women, youths and disabled persons.
    EEYEF goes out to identify the women, youths and disabled persons who actually are interested to learn one career job or another to enable them have a meaningful livelihood. We do this through the help of the media (Radio/ TV announcements and News papers), churches and religious bodies, Local Governments, Village heads and traditional rulers, youth organizations, seminars and workshops. We make forms available and call for people to come and collect forms free of charge. In the form, we list a number of career jobs available and the candidate will mark the one he or she is interested in learning. EEYEF will take that particular candidate to the place where he or she can stay to learn the work as an apprentice for agreed period of time, pay the required fee and the candidate will start to learn the work.
    Within this period, EEYEF coordinator goes from time to time to monitor the candidate and to ask in secret the relationship between the candidate and his/ her boss. After the agreed period, if the boss certifies that the candidate has actually known the job, EEYEF empowers the candidate with initial working tools to start on his own. When the candidates are established, they will follow to train subsequent applicants (Train the Trainer). Our target groups are women, youth and disabled persons, both graduates and non graduate.
    Our aim is to make sure that within a few years; the rate of unemployment is reduced and even be brought to zero. The spread of HIV/AIDS will also be reduced. This can only be achieved when at least, 80% of Nigerian women, youths and disabled are gainfully employed and has the capacity to employ others, the achievement of a crime free and peaceful society will be actualized.
    To achieve this regular seminars and workshops about the empowerments of women, youths and disabled persons is needed.
    Empowering beneficiaries. Going by the fact that 90% of what leads the women and youths to crimes is idleness and quest for a better livelihood. Where the women and youth cannot find any good thing to lay hands on, they will likely result to follow evil/ bad direction. EEYEF is working on establishing these women, youths and disabled persons for a better tomorrow through this good initiative and encourages them to learn any of the below listed vocational jobs.
    The vocational skills the beneficiaries will learn are as follows:
    • Hair Dressing = Hair Making, Platting of hair, manicure and Pedicure etc.
    • Mechanic =Vulcanizing, Panel beating and painting, Car Furniture
    • Auto Electrician and Battery Charging
    • Wood Works = Furniture Making etc.
    • Electrician= Repairs of air conditioners, refrigerators
    • Welding
    • Cobbling
    • Barbing
    • Aluminum works
    • Sowing (fashion designing)
    • Making of Snacks
    • Soap making
    • Dying of cloths
    • Making of hats
    We are pleading for your assistance to make sure we empower the candidates who are beneficiaries to EEYEF empowerment initiative. Remember, that why it is necessary and important for us to strive to empower these women and youths to stop crime is because crime is like stray bullet no one knows who will be a victim to it. “CRIME IS CRIME AND MUST BE STOPPED”.
    Understand that training without empowering beneficiaries is like empowering them to be violent. This is because where they are not empowered; they will use their talents negatively. Our only source of funds for now is from the royalties gotten from the sale of the only novel published by our founder titled “The Unknown God”.
    We are soliciting for your financial/ material assistance to help us achieve this humanitarian work so that we can have a crime free and peaceful society. Also, the spread of HIV/AIDS will be reduced.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Emma Ekwonna (Founder)

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