Ashar and Srabon – these two months are the rainy season in the Bangla calendar. During this time, there will be rains, people will suffer, and water will overflow in canal-beel-pond-rivers. Farmers will have a busy time planting seeds in mud covered crop fields. And nature will be fresher. This is the character of monsoon. But for the last few years that character is no longer seen. Now heat wave has taken place during the monsoon. Sometimes it rains a little, but the nature burns with the intensity of summer. Even during full monsoons, the temperature rises to 35 degrees Celsius. And it is predicted to increase further by the Meteorological Department.

The amount of rainfall is less in the entire monsoon season. According to the sources of the Meteorological Department, in the month of July, Dhaka Division received 116 mm of rain, Chittogram Division 232 mm, Mymensingh 204 mm, Rajshahi 138 mm, Rangpur 299 mm, Khulna 120 mm, Barisal 220 mm and Sylhet maximum 531 mm. Meteorologists say that global warming is affecting the climate. So we see negative behavior in nature.

The public lives of the people are suffering from intense heat wave. On the other hand, electricity supply shortages are occurring nationwide in Bangladesh as of July 26 due to an ongoing energy crisis due to Russia-Ukrane war. The government has enacted austerity measures, including a reduction of daily energy production and an extension of load shedding periods 1 to 3 hours. Outskirts of Dhaka notice about more load shedding periods in their locality and silently blame the government for their suffering.

Reducing rainfall during rainy season and increasing heat wave during monsoon indicates the climate is changing and if the changes continue, the human civilization will be threatened. Climate activists are forecasting about the threat, but the climate diplomats are coming with the false solution for expanding their profit making climate market and the global leaders are committing and committing every year, there hasn’t any real solution yet. Everybody including profit maker diplomat understands it, but they don’t want to reduce their profit, problem is there. Diplomacy is going on…

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