Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually addresses the high-level roundtable event held on the sidelines of the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Thursday, September 24, 2020 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday placed a five points actions for global leaders at the high level roundtable on climate change held at the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA@75) to protect the planet and humankind from the adversities of the climate changes.

Five points action for global leaders:
1. Increase international cooperation to protect the planet and mankind;
2. Polluting countries must increase their NDCs through necessary mitigation measures and keep global temperatures bellow 1.50C;
3. Implement all articles of the Paris Agreement;
4. Keep the promised funds and make it available to climate vulnerable countries.
5. Recognize the global responsibility for rehabilitation of climate induced displaced people.

Just two days ago, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wrote an article on vulnerability of people of Bangladesh due to climate change. She said in her article, “the G20 countries are responsible for about 80% of total global emissions, while the bottom 100 countries only account for 3.5%. The world cannot successfully tackle the climate challenge without significant action from everyone.”

If we don’t increase our ambition, we will all lose out. As many countries and companies can attest, finding low-carbon solutions and minimizing climate risks are the best ways of building more resilient, more efficient and more competitive economies. We all benefit from thriving trading partners in a low-carbon resilient world. Surely no one is in favor of the alternative – a fractured global order in which even rich countries are impoverished by the destructive force of global warming.
- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina warned the global leaders about the climate crisis which will create threat to the human existence and asked the global leaders to increase ambition to reduce the green house gases emission to protect planet and humankind.

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