Solidarity Entrepreneurship

When you are alone, you are very small about nothing; when you are with your family and real friends, you are something; when you are connected with others for equitable growth expressing solidarity under an association like cooperative, you could be make yourself bigger! You can bring a great change in the society with other by act together!

Many of people or institution or association has been working for a long days for bringing a positive change of poor people, but we have achieved a little more compared to the efforts and finance is spent for this purpose. Many of we are working build a nation to claim rights, but a very few react with it. Why? We have been tried to build Community based organization, institution for claiming rights, but what the the real scenario? They have a very little impacts. So, need an alternative. Need an alternative based on the necessity of community people. Without researching, we could say people want to survive. Need to develop a mechanism for ensuring their survival.

We have discussed it with our young volunteers day by day and concluded we need a solidarity among us, we need solidarity for our personal growth under an association (we called it cooperative) instead of individualism. Solidarity entrepreneurship came to our ground of thoughts for equitable growth for individual under a cooperative. Lets Try!


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