Empowerment of Common People

The volunteers, mostly students from different universities and colleges have given an exciting experiences for social transformation with their enthusiastic behaviors! 4 years ago, the journey started with only few volunteers to raise the youth voices against injustice, particularly injustice in the economic sector. With the volunteers, we raise demand for budgetary allocation for youth employment which yet to be undone effectively. The volunteers participated in campaign programme with different networks demanding climate justice, reforming fiscal budgetary process, online privacy, consumer rights, farmers rights! From these campaign, they learn and inspire to form an institutional process which will bring a real change within the individual and society as well!

The volunteers raise some issues like injustice and corruption of individuals irrespective of all sectors. The question is, is it unrealistic in the contemporary economic structure? In moral, we cannot support injustice and corruption, but everybody within the society wants to be riches by any means which creates an unhealthy, most of time inhuman competition. The contemporary economic structure as well as neo-liberalism which maintained by state inspires these competition in name of individual growth; problem is there! Money making becomes a game where winners are corrupted people. The common people observed it and most of the time, inspires to be a corrupted people! This is the society, where honest and humanist people suffers more, corrupted people controlled society.  So, what is the solution?

The volunteers participated in this debate! They realize the context and root causes of the problem. Then we have given an task to take some collective efforts for sustaining humanity and justices within the society. The volunteers exercise, exercise and exercise!

We have a long lasting initiative like cooperative for empowering the common people with a collective efforts for self and collective development of individual members. We have put it in table for discussion. The volunteers inspire with it!

The last week, a few volunteers met to pressure to be making it faster the process for formation of cooperative for self-empowerment. We are preparing it, hope to start the second journey very soon!

Few volunteers met these week to pressure the process to be making it faster.


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