Prison for Personal Security!

The WSIS Forum 2013 being held in Geneva from 13-17 May 2013 for asserting future of information and communication technologies, I read a mail message today; enabling environment for information and communication technologies was also an issue for the discussants participated in WSIS Forum. I don’t know, what they discussed, it seems, they discussed about the technical issues related to ICT. Reading another news in the Huffington Post captioned, Bangladesh Bloggers Face Constants Death Threats since Government leveled them Atheist, a question arises in mind, `Have the discussants of enabling environment of WSIS Forum discussed about an enabling environment for these bloggers who are the walking inside of ICT and for what, getting a life threat from fanatic believers?

Yesterday, I also watched a television talk show where a young blogger asked the guest speaker, `people do not know about blog; they never visit any blog, but they are thinking, it is not good; the bloggers are not also a good people. it is happening after propaganda organized by fanatic section of the believers who are circulating news that bloggers are atheist, ….. What could be done?‘. There have a shortcut answer, we need to aware the people! but it is not easy! So, most of the people suggests to keep silence on the issues.

Rasel Parvez is one the victim for his voice, but government suggests prison for personal security! What a tragic situation. In this way, the fanatic believers get inspiration to be fanatic. Government should realized it! And also the international community like WSIS Forum should also pick the safety issues of ICT users for future progress!


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