FAO Diplomacy on Food Habit

fao“When I see them on the UN canteen menu, then I’ll think about it…..”, the comment has given a well feedback on this research. The research said, over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects. So, United Nations (UN) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) should join with them to supplement diet with insects.

One of my Facebook friend gave the links with a status,” the world produces more food to feed the people of the globe, but there have a problem of distribution. So, we need to focus on the fair distribution rather recommending to eat insects.”

Reading this status, I thought, may be the UN made an magical pressure to the global regime by making some ironical comments. But was frustrated when reading the news at online news portal BanglaNews24.com and BBC online. They have recommended seriously to supplement diet with insects with giving description on the nutritious value of insects.

They have got inspiration by founding about 2 billion people of the globe already supplement their diet by insects. But question is, if they have been inspired themselves to eat insects?

There have a global politics on food, UN knows its very well. Have they tried to hide this politics by wasting valuable public money on such research? First, we need to know it!


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