Research: For what?

Research describes its data and information generated by applicable methodology based on the socioeconomic environment of the research context. When we conduct study on political context, it must need to analyses the socioeconomic and political atmospheres to represent data and information for future action. But now a days, research is used only for serving narrow political interest of vested interest group and so-called researchers just use some research ideas to assert some information which supports interest of their masters as well as penny makers.

An opinion poll conducted by ORG-MARG Research Ltd supported by the popular Bengali daily, the Prothom Alo  which published yesterday did not reflect the real scenario’s of Bangladesh. But the report is using vastly in the political arena for serving the vested interest against the interest of the nations.

Every political environment had a long time political history which never describes by reflections of a few people. If an opinion poll was conducted before independence of Bangladesh, it seems we got information against an independent Bangladesh. But the reality, people enjoys independent of Bangladesh.

 Methodology matters in research to increase effectiveness of the results. Random sampling- how much effective it for analyzing the  political context? A researcher without having political and socioeconomic knowledge never realize the political context; And s/he easily grabs by the vested interest group.

The daily Prothom Alo was needed a controversial news items for increasing circulation and keeping their so-called popularity. But what they did for it  have a long time impacts in the society.


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