Vandalism and Atrocities: Is it Protest?

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), a Hong Kong based non-governmental human rights organization releases a fabricated press note captioned “a massacres demonstrators” on Hefazat events which have given an imaginary numbers of death toll 2,500. The local newspapers and electronic channel found it 6. It should not support any loss of lives, but when politics were inside, we must count it. Local human rights organization, “Odhikar” circulated this press note in the mail serves to portrait a false picture of Bangladesh. Farhat Mazhar, the founder member of OHDHIKAR, once he was atheists, now playing an important role for religious fanatics to build a Taliban styled religious Bangladesh. Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) becomes an ally of religious fanatics as well as ill-motivated politicians of Bangladesh who want to break the democratic practices of Bangladeshi political system.

Hafazat was given permission for peaceful protest, but they became violent; they attacked to the police, vandalized the shops, banks and markets. They have given fire in public and private properties!

Every people have right to protest, but nobody have right to vandalize the public and private property becoming violent in name of protest. Hafazat Islam did not keep their words to protest. By getting permission for protest from government, they became violent. They created massacres in the Motijheel and Paltan areas, they looted the shops, gave fires in private and public properties like shops, banks and private enterprises. They threw thousands and thousands hand grenade to the police and public which has taken a life of a innocent helper of a bus. They burned the holly Quaran and vandalize the different institution situated in the nearest areas of Motijheel and Paltan areas. They attacked to office of Bangladesher communist party, Jatio Samajtantrik Dal – JASOD and Bangladesh Awami League.

People from all sections and corners of Bangladesh except supporters of major opposition party BNP and party of war criminals Jamat-e-Islami got fear from the atrocities of Hafazat Islam and waited for an end of these atrocities and vandalism.

Hafazat planned to pull out the democratically elected government in association of BNP and Jamat-e-Islami

At the first time, Hefazat Islam made their protest peacefully in the same place and gave a month time to fulfill the 13 point’s demands for talibnalization of Bangladesh. Constitution of Bangladesh contains Islam as state religion. The government enacted this clause bypassing the secular opinion from different corners and sections of people who were opposing it. So, government said that this demand has been fulfilled. There have a lot of laws against the people who expresses hate speech against religion and Prophet Hazrat Mahmmad (SM), government said. But the demand against freedom of women and broke down of historical sculpture would not be fulfill by the government. Hafazat could participate in the general election and if they win, then they could fulfill their demands by taking power, government suggested.

But game is not there! Jamat-e-Islam wants to protect the war-criminals who are getting punishment for their inhuman activities during liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 and BNP needs power by any means! So, BNP became an offensive ally of Hefazat Islam and together they made a plan to pull out the government by creating an unstable political atmospheres in capital as well as around all corners of Bangladesh. Hefazat Islam acted as per this plan to create a panic situation by creating atrocities and vandalism.

Hefazat were asked to conclude protest by evening, but they delaying for creating more and more atrocities around the city  

The Hefazat were asked to keep the words for protest time and conclude the meeting by evening. But they delayed it by declaring that Mr. Shofi, the main leader will come to the protest meeting and give the final decision. It was their ill-technique for getting time to create more atrocities around the cities. At 9 pm, Hefazat said, Mr. Shofi will not attend the meeting due to security reason, but ask to continue the meeting. It will create an ill-fate of this protest meeting. In the meantime, BNP extends their full supports to the protest meeting and asked their political allies to march with the meeting.

The city found already the atrocities and vandalism and supposed to see more devastation in the next days.

Government plans to pressure to conclude the protest meeting to protect public and private properties

After the decision of continue the protest meeting, government asked the organizers again and again to go home after concluding the meeting. But leaving the supporters in the insecure situation, the leaders of Hefazat left the meeting places asking the supporters to continue.

At 2 pm, the law enforcing forces combining with Police, RAB and BGB asked the organizers by mike to conclude the meeting. But they deny. Then the law enforcers through the sound grenades, which created panics among the protesters and they made vacant the meeting place within 10 minutes.

Jamat-BNP Propaganda on Death Toll

The whole nation was watch the actions of law enforcers through live broadcasting of about 12 television channels. There have not any counter actions against the law enforcers. They just run hearing the sounds of explosions of the sound grenades and vacant the meeting places within 20 minutes. But the television channels showed that 4 dead bodies were in under the stage of the meeting. But Jamat-BNP allies circulated fack information on death tolls.

Law enforcers rescued and broke the fears of the protesters

A lot of children were in fear at the meeting places. The law enforcers rescued them and guided them to travel plan like roads and transport information to go home.

Inside of the struggle

Hefazat Islam came to ground when Gono Jagoran Mancho kept continuous protest for giving highest punishment to the war criminals. But the Jamat and its allies tried to divide the nations on Gono Jagoran Mancho by creating an ill-motivated that Gono Jagoran Mancho is a platform of atheists group. Gono Jagoran Mancho asked Hefazat to sit together to know about Gono Jagoran Mancho rather believing in false propaganda. Hefazat never agreed to sit together. Politics is there. Hafazat knows well, Gono Jagaran Mancho is not a platform of atheist group. But they want to use the false propaganda in their politics.

We, all are citizen of Bangladesh. But also know, we are divided into two groups, pro-liberation and anti-liberation. We got our independence due to scarifying life’s of millions of martyrs. We compromised to live together by punishing the war criminals, but these evil force who did not believes in our liberation and conducted brutal attacks to Muktijuddha’s, again stood against our nation in name of religion which was taken as political strategy also in 1971 to protect the war criminals.

We know, everybody have right to protest, but nobody have right to attack to another people. We need to know that atrocities and vandalism is not accepted in name of protest. Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) should stop to circulate the fabricated statement to mislead the global community.


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