The death toll rises to 513 in Rana Plaza. It is shocking news that the number isincreasing. There have not any initiatives for industrial relations in Bangladesh. So, the labour of RMG units lives in a death trap only for surviving alive with less than minimum monthly wages. The workers are fighting for hiking the wage, some are asking living wage. These are the everyday struggleof garment workers. But the Tazreen Fashions, Spectrum and Rana Plaza have raised another question to the garment workers about life. What they prefer life or death? So, there have a lot of issues which should deal effectively. But the shining of sun does not show any positive signs to solve the long lasting problem. Garment owners are reluctant to give the trade union rights to the workers and hike the monthly wages for their survival. So, we are living with fear to hear another shocking news in anywhere of the industrial areas.

The garment owners and government have an important role for increasing industrial relations. But the importers? ” WHO PAYS? How British Supermarkets are keeping women workers in poverty”, the study conducted on 2007 to review the importers particularly Primark, Tesco and Wall-mart role in increasing wages and occupational safety of workers. The importers are paying lowest cost to the supplier factories in Bangladesh. So, they pays lower wages then living wage. The scenario  does not change, but exists in the vulnerable situation.

When we are asserting the role of importers, they are creating another threat to withdrawn business from Bangladesh. This not the fair trade. The importer does not deny their role. As well as the suppliers and the government should act pro-actively to ensure safety of the working places. The government should select an area for RMG industry. RMG industry should remove from the residential and commercial areas. And, it is important to take initiative for creating a smooth industrial relations which it per-condition of industrial development. If you hear the cry, you must respect your role. If you not, we are in fear for losing another dearest workers. Garment factory could not be a death trap, we should act together instead of denying our responsibilities.

Joint statement of EU High Commissioner and EU Trade Commissioner


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