2 million workers killed every year!

ILO Poster on Health and Safety at Work
ILO Poster on Health and Safety at Work

Touching the ON button of remote control of the television in the morning before leaving home for work, the eye watched  the `Savar Tragedy‘; a high-rise building collapsed and more than five thousands of people trapped under the building. Fire services, Army and police along with thousands and thousands people tried to rescue the trapped people. But it was understood that the nation would again find over hundreds of dead of garments workers.

The irregularities and violation of laws are taking life day after day, but  we are not awaking in proper ways. How long it could continue?

There is no answer, but we have to answer it. International Labour Organization (ILO) is just observing the days without making any effective pressure on behave of labour and workers. Another day on  World Day for safety and health at work is coming after four days! Before coming the days, hundreds of workers died in the building collapsed. What would the position of ILO in this year in Bangladesh?

The local people says, the owner of the building built it violating the construction laws. Not only that yesterday the local police administration gave an evacuation order for damaging the building. But the owner pressured to run 3 garment factories of that building violating the administrative order. How dare these people! We need to know to stop such killing through so-called accidents.

News on Saver Tragedy:

Nation mourns Thursday

Death toll crosses 100

Rana Plaza: British HC mourns deaths

Bangladesh building collapse: Death toll rises to 80, 700 injured

Bangladesh building collapse kills at least 76 garment workers

‘মালিকদের প্রতারণাই এই মৃত্যুর জন্য দায়ী’

পুকুরের ওপর নির্মিত ছিল ভবনটি!

স্পেকট্রাম ধস: আট বছরেও লা-জবাব সরকার!

শ্রমিক হতাহতের ঘটনায় বিজিএমইএ’র শোক


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