Building a better world, partnering with youth!

undefinedWith an caption “Building a better world, partnering with youth”, United Nations observed the International Youth Day 2012 today, 12 August 2012. May be the call did not reach to Bangladesh, so the day spent without any noise  with a quiet silence!  But youth’s role are vibrant in movement of change which are recognized by all, irrespective of social and political arena! Youths were played a important role against British colonial regime, youths organized historical language movement, they resisted the Pakistani  regime and actively took part in independence war of Bangladesh. There have many more golden history of youth in Bangladesh. Youth have a great role in re-gaining democracy in Bangladesh and power of youths are also recognized by all to give a absolute majority of the present government leaded by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

There have many more history of youth and role of youth are recognized also. But what extend of partnering with youth exists in the practical ground, particularly in decision making and youth empowerment, this is a question which should ask now?

An important indicator of youth empowerment, the creation of employment also matters most for a country whose backlog of unemployment is huge and where new entrants to the employment market every year is substantial. The unemployment rate in Bangladesh is theoretically considered to be at around 5.0 per cent. But it is practically, as noted by Finance Minster Abul Mal Abdul Muhith, close to 30 per cent, with “disguised unemployment” and “under-unemployment” taken into consideration. And the problems of unemployment in Bangladesh are further compounded by the fact that 1.8 million youths enter its job market every year when the size of backlog unemployed workforce is estimated at 25 million – about one sixth of its total population. In this backdrop, the Finance Minister has underlined the need for creating 2.3 million jobs annually in an effort to make a dent into the existing unemployment situation. This, indeed, is a daunting task.

Now, how can we create more employment, this is the question? Have any opportunity under this economic regime to create much more employment counting the job seekers in the job market? We believe, we need a policy shifting of the state, if we really want to employ the uncounted un(der)employed youths!

We need to provide necessary skills and opportunities to the youth for employment. How can we ensure these services to the youths? We should ensure these services to the youths through organizing the  youth through forming youth cooperative and enhancing cooperative entrepreneurship among the youth.

From the observations and experiences, we found the United Nations and its members countries celebrates the many more days as usual in each year. If United Nations really want to guide the members state for partnering youth for building a better world, then it is mandatory to break the usual rules and practices which continued year by year. For breaking the cycle of usual rules and practices, we should think about forming cooperative and cooperative entrepreneurship among the youth which will build a solidarity relationship with people to institution like cooperative and institution to state which will also ensure partnering of youth in the development towards a better world!


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