Solidarty Economy for Employment Generation and Equal Growth of the Naiton

The global leaders is facing crucial challenges and effects of widespread job losses, increased underemployment and unemployment, growing informal economy and increased vulnerable employment worldwide.  Most of the policy leaders globally are seeking a sustainable solution within the free market economy, a very few are thinking about alternatives. ” Alternative Development Strategies for Job Creation” under this caption the second committee panel of   of Economic and Social Department Affairs under United Nations has searched a solution of increasing unemployment situation and given importance on small and medium sized enterprises for job creation.

How can an ailing global job market be cured and what can be done to promote more jobs and decent work around the world? Are there viable alternative strategies for job creation and development that provide less risk to global market fluctuations and financial volatility?

It is a right solution? Small and Medium Enterprises for job creation, is not new; already World Bank  has prescribed this solution to Bangladesh as well as to the least developed countries (LDCs). Already the government  has  been  going to implement  the prescription. How many job has been created under this initiatives and how much exploitation of labour has been occurred, the researchers should examine it.

In Bangladesh, every year millions of graduate enters in the job market. The government should extend technical and financial cooperation to these educated youths. Investing to the youth, the state should take an initiative to build every youths as entrepreneurs; job would be created automatically in this process.

Agriculture is the prime sector of employment till now in Bangladesh. Agri-business is an important sector for employment. We need to employ our youths in this sector. Agricultural cooperative could be formed for getting government cooperation.  The government will invest to this cooperative or to the collective efforts which will be taken by youth enterprises as solidarity.


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