The Facebook generation is showing  a growing resolve to change our world and a capacity to make things happen. They are bringing their energy and courage to some of the most difficult issues we face.

– Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of United Nations.

“Failing to invest in our youth is a false economy; Conversely, investing in young people will pay great dividents for all”, Ban Ki Moon stated and asked, “International community must work to expand the horizons of opportunity for young women and men and answer their legitimate demand for dignity and decent work, nothing that global economic crisis and austerity measures in many countries are contraining these opportunities”.

Yesterday, 25 July 2011 during inaguration of high level General Assembly of youth, Mr. Ban spoke to tackling the challenges facing youth and exploring their potentials to bring about change in their societies and in the world at large. The meeting is expected to conclude today, 26 July 2011 with the adoption of an outcome document that calls for strategies to give young people everywhere a real chance to find decent work and urge countries to take effective measures to protect young people from terrorism, among other elements.

The youths of Bangladesh, we have not any information about these meeting and its outcome. The government have not any initiatives to invest in their youth people. Youth are not an agenda for development of the nations while the world is focusing on youth development.

“Youth are the key players in the societies can mobilise the change”, frequently we use this speech in dialogue in discussion table, but hardly we realise it in the practice ground. Youth men and women are ignored in the decision making and implementation process. The government need to focus in the youth and promte the culture of dialogue with young people if we really want the proper development of the nation. 

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