Observing the market situation of daily household essentials in different markets of Dhaka City, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce Ministry has expressed their satisfaction in a press conference at Media Centre of National Parliament Building, held on 26 June 2011. A B M Abul Kashem MP, the Chairman of the standing committee said at the press conference that they have prepared a report on daily household essentials through visiting the Mohammadpur Townhall Market, Mohammadpur Krishi Market and Karwan Bazar Market and got a satisfactory results on market situation. 

27 June 2011, just the following day of the press conference, the retailers have sold the Soyabean Oil in Tk.125 each litre which was Tk.110 in previous day. It means, the traders have increased Tk.15 for per litre Soyabean Oil. Is it satisfactory?

The prices of essentials have already cross the limit of purchasing capacity of people and they have cut the food items and spending on education and health budget for their child.   

54 per cent of overall respondents and a majority of people in most countries surveyed said they are not eating the same food as they did two years ago – the period before the current food price crisis began. Globally 39 per cent of those who said their diet had changed blamed the rising price of food and 33 per cent cited health reasons. – Rising food prices changing what we eat.

A youth team comprising university students formed by Online Knowledge Centre  for market monitoring of daily household essentials and as per their report, the coarse rice has been sold Tk.30-45 per kg, suger in Tk.65-68 per kg and edible oil in Tk.110-125 per kg. The prices of essentials are not satisfactory compared with the income of poor and lower middle class families at all.

The standing committee report will inspire the unfair profit makers and it will create more burden in lives of thousands poor and marginalised people living in the poverty line.

In this context, a   published and suggested to the standing committee and the commerce ministry also should come up with immediate policy decision to strengthen TCB to take control over market and set up market based consumer forum under the supervision of commerce ministry.


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