Right to development and fulfillment of potentialities!

By virtue of being born to humanity, every human being has a right to the development and fulfillment of his potentialities as a human being.
Ashley Montagu

The student of junior school certificate examination (Grade-V) were asked to write an essay on common bird this year, said of the guardian of an examinee while I read news on expelling the students for giving proxy of the examination. Dangerous news is, most of the proxy students have come from Ananda Schools facilitated by NGOs under ROSK project.  When I heard about the question on essay writing on common bird, I tried to remember my childhood and tried to get an answer, if me or my friends were asked to write an essay on bird in Grade V examination, could we able to write it? I got answer, No! Then I tried to remember about the students of rural examinee of Secondary School Certificate! I got answer, yes, they should able to write it. But if they were asked to write on Common Bird, then I became confused and I got answer, most of the examinee hardly able to make distinguish on essay on Bird and Common Bird, but they tried to write! So, why did the question was made complicated by tagging Common?

My colleagues answered that the child are able to distinguish it, because they just capture any reading like poem. Most of the student capture essay on bird, common bird, a crow etc, because these are included in syllabus!  Then another question came in my mind, who have made these syllabus for child and what are the objectives of the syllabus? Have we wanted to give an environment to our child to capture the basic skills in primary education or Have we wanted to give an environment to our child to show their artificial skills in primary education?

My colleague said, now a days the mother reads and the child just recites! So, the examination proves the skills of mother, not child! What are the expert opinion on primary education? Everyday our experts talks on right to development and fulfillment of potentialities as human being! Do the experts monitor these scenario?       

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