Focusing on Change!

Change! a buzz word now a days, is using frequently by the development practitioners around the world. More and more theories and strategies are appearing every mintue to bring a change of fate of the people around the globe. But in the real world, hardly the majority of poor people gets any positive results from these initiatives taken by the change makers. Researchers are appearing with new agenda to indentify the rootscauses of failure of development initiatives. But the outcome never bring any change of the fate of poors!

We can indentify the rootscauses of failure as poor governance, lack of awareness of people, corruption, illiteracy, poverty…… But we never indentify, the power relation which requires to be balanced. Power relation among the among the people, community and state is an integral part of strengthening governance, increasing awareness, reducing corruption and illiteracy from the society and state. 

Wihtout changing the parttern of power relation, we could not bring any positive change of society. The initiatives are taken without taking account of power relation fails frequently. This is the time to re-think it! 


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