Returning back again

After a long days interval, I am returning back again here. But I have changed the name of the blog, Prodip K. Roy instead of Online Knowledge Centre. I have changed the name, because  Online Knowledge Centre have her own address now. I am asking my appologies to the readers for making an confusion. But now, it is my personal blog and hope to satisfy the expectation of the readers of the blog which were not possible for me. Many of the readers asked questions about the posts, but I could not reply them timely due to maintain the forum blog. Hope, now I will come here at least once in a day to share my experience and observation.

Social Work! Is it possible without social commitment or with a commitment for serving self interest?

 Many of people is coming in the social work, particularly in NGO activities. But they hardly remember the laws under their institution registered as non-profit organisation. They are coming, because a plenty example of success of NGOs they observed. They get inspiration from these example! But is it enough for coming in the world of social work? I have to discuss these at the forum and sometimes the members are becoming confuse hearing the different opinion about social activism. But we should get a solution first before starting the journey!



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