6th Fifth Year Plan: Some Development Concerns about Youth Employment

Bangladesh Bank achieves 11 billion dollar reserves in August 2010 which is a good sign of economic stability of the country, the governor said. But [1]ten million people, not assured of three square meals a day, suffer silent hunger. [2]About half of the child of the country is malnourished. [3]The country have unemployed persons now total 2 crore 44 lac which is 13.4 percent of total population. It is about 11 percent higher than 1990s. The rate of unemployment was 2.4 percent in 1990 which increases to 8 percent in 2002 and 13.4 percent in 2009. It means rate of unemployment has increased 11 percent in last 18 years.

 Rural Economy is becoming weakened due to reducing agricultural lands day by day. So, the rural population migrated to urban areas for employment and livelihood.  [4]The banks are investing 92.2 percent of their capital in urban areas whereas only 7.8 percent are invested in rural areas. It is a gap between policy and practice, but government is hardly taking necessary steps to minimize it.

The prime minister after gaining the power last year vowed continuously to build poverty free Bangladesh. But Development policy and action are yet to face up to this challenge in fighting poverty. Bangladesh have total population 1.6 million whose 64 percent youth. Total 1.37 million of youth is now unemployed.

The government privatized state owned enterprises as maintaining of neo-liberal economic order pressured by IFIs like World Bank and IMF. They said, privatizing state owned enterprises, employment would be increased. But in reality, 30 privatized state owned enterprises stopped productions which have reduced in the employment opportunities. But they are pressuring till now! 

[5]Let’s see now the opposite picture. Rich people (assets limit above crore) was only 47 in 1975 in Bangladesh. But it increases to 23,310 in 2009. It means, rich people increases 492 times in last three and half decades. It means, policy supports only the riches to grown up day by day.

Recently [6]the government is formulating her 6th fifth year plan again focusing to equal development and income inequality, the preface of the document illustrated. This is the time to think about 2.44 million unemployed youths if we really want to reduce the income equality and equal growth in the practical world.

[1] Battle ground in rural economy by Manzoor Ahmed, published in The Daily Star, dated 28 October 2007

[2] Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2007.

[3] MDG Report 2009.

[4] Bangladesh Bank Report 2010

[5] Bangladesh Bank Report 2010.

[6] Daily Kaler Kantho, dated 11 August 2010


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