Bangladesh Krishi Camp, Noakhali

The youth group of Online Knowledge Centre participated at Bangladesh Krishi Camp at Noakhali, started from today. Shofia Shewle, Coordinator, Keep the Promises! End Poverty Now Campaign; Mofaq Kharul Islam Toufiq, Coordinator, My Rights! Our Budget Campaign leaded the team comprising Habib, Masum and Rezowan Satil.

Mofaq Kharul Islam Toufiq updated the camp activities through online office post in Bangla which has been translated here in english. Toufiq briefed the activities of other members like Shewle, Habib and Jahid, because they have only one laptop to communicate the forum. The Briefing as follows:

06.05.2010: 1st Day of Camp
After registration of participants the camp activities began at 10 am by Welcome speech given by Nurul Islam Masud, Executive Director, PRAN. Ziaul Haque Mukta, Acting Country Director of Oxfam GB and Member Secretary of Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL) started camp discussion asking the participants about the expectation. Mr. Mukta then briefed about Agriculture, importance of agriculture, relation between agriculture and people, Food Security, Bio-Cultural System of People, Political influence in agriculture, agricultural reform, world policy of 96, agricultural system of European Union and proposed agricultural reform agenda of CSRL. After briefing, the participants are asked to identify the agricultural problems based on the proposed agricultural reform agenda declared by CSRL.

After lunch, two parallel session began. Toufiq and Shewle participated in financing and investment in agriculture session; Habib and Jahid participated in access to general resources. Toufiq updated the session of financing and investment in agriculture as follows by the points: Relation between World Development and Agricultural Development, Role of IFIs, Food Distribution System, Food Security, Food Import, Employment, Poverty Eradication, Economic Growth, Investment in agriculture, Subsidy in Agriculture, Agricultural Loan. Toufiq will prepare a paper on this discussion after returning from camp.

Jahid and Habib updated about access to natural resources as follows by substances: Natural Resources means Khas Land, Water Resources and pond, hoar, rivers etc. But the poor people have to access to these natural resources due to lack of power. Some powerful people captured these natural resources which is against the national policy.






3 thoughts on “Bangladesh Krishi Camp, Noakhali”

  1. dear নোয়াখাইল্লা ভাইয়েরা,am also a inhibitor of greater noakhali(maijdee). i has some land where i want to make a combined agricultural farm,like duck,fish,dove& vegetable.i living in could u help me to build up it?
    thank’s a lot.

  2. Dear Mr. A. Sattar! Thanks for comments and great proposal for combined agricultural farm! But sorry, I am not a man of Noakhali, but I have some energetic friends there. If you ask, I can introduce them with you. Please stay in touch for getting update of different agenda’s of development of Bangladesh. Your valuable comments on the issues will enhance our knowledge base and understanding which is important for us!
    If you want to follow this blog via e-mail, please submit your e-mail at “Follow the Blog via E-mail” which you will find at the above of left side menu!

  3. i am student of BBA from manarat int university. am very interested to agriculture sector but cant not to get chance discussion in online with another. after completed my graduation will be involve with agriculture sector. so if any person share with me then i will proud. please mail me your details..

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