Unite against World Bank Conspiracy with Multi-Donor Trust Fund

15.03.2010: Citizen Protest against DFID conspiracy to involve World Bank as Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MTDF)


The Bangladeshi government objects to grant money being channelled through the World Bank, which it says will attach unfavourable “strings and conditions. The Bangladeshi government is refusing to accept a £60m donation from Britain to help it cope with the impact of global warming, because of a dispute over how the money will be provided, the gurdian wrote it on 15 February 2010 while high level development forum held at Dhaka among Government of Bangladesh and its Development Partners. Officials in the Department for International Development (Dfid) are insisting that the money, part of a pledge to provide developing countries with climate finance, is channelled through the World Bank. Bangladesh has objected to the role of the bank, which it says will attach unfavourable “strings and conditions”.

“If this money is channelled through the World Bank and the IMF it will attract strings and conditions which are not favourable to Bangladesh”, said a spokesman for the Bangladeshi government. “If the money goes [via the bank] then it does not go to its real purpose. [We] want it to go through the UN.”

“We are strongly against the World Bank’s involvement in handling the climate fund. DFID should give the money straight to the Bangladesh government rather than giving it to the World Bank to disburse it,” Food and Disaster Management Minister Abdur Razzaque told IRIN on 16 February 2010. “It should be a country-led programme rather than a World Bank-led one,” he said, adding that there were expectations the Bank would attach “unacceptable strings and conditions to its programme”.

Lesson Learnt from World Bank:

World Bank denies Soverign Policy Formulation Process:  On 09 November 2009,  World Bank sent a letter to the finance minister asking the government to put on hold local procurements of 24 WB-funded projects in Bangladesh while Bangladesh formulated Public Procurement Act independently without taking concern of World Bank. As a soverign country, Bangladesh could formulate policies independently, good or bad – only people of Bangladesh have right to keep pressure to Government to make policies pro-people. But World Bank put his fingers on soverignty in national policy formulation. When government formulate public procurement act independently, then World Bank suspended implementation of all its projects. At last government managed it by keeping promises to implement WB project as per procurement guidelines given by WB and formulated public procurement act will be followed in other national activities.

Agriculture Minister Motia Chowdhury also expressed her dissatisfaction over the World Bank’s (WB) lengthy process of releasing funds for development projects, saying such nature of funding cannot really help achieve a goal. “It is the WB that takes long time to release the funds and then they pin the blame on the government for the slow pace and say the government is embedded in corruption.”  

Bangladesh is implementing National Agriculture Technology Project (NATP), an over Tk 600 crore project, where the WB is providing a chunk of the fund for research and extension works. Under this project, Government wants to form farmers organisation, but World Bank denies it and suggested to involve NGOs in this process. Tension between World Bank and Government is increasing while government argued continously for forming farmers organisation. Already the agriculture minister expressed her unhappiness with World Bank on lengthy process of fund disbursement due to continued disagreement on diffirent issues on the NATP project.

National and Global Level Protest Against World Bank involvement in Multi-Donor Trust Fund:

A DFID spokesperson said, “The government of Bangladesh will have full control over how the fund will be spent, with the World Bank simply administering the money. This approach is a tried and tested financial mechanism that ensures UK investment is used effectively. We condemn DFID also for their approches like World Bank. Bangladesh has adequate capacity to deal finance effectively. Earlier the development partners administered a lot of projects under financial mechanism suggested by the development partners which created a chunk of opportunities of corruption and Bangladesh became number one corrupted country. So, they should have right to show any sign and syntoms of corruption while they kept opportunities to be corrupted people. We strongly opposes the approaches of DFID.

World Bank supposed to take  8pc of climate fund for World Bank for administering Multi-Donor Trust Fund.  The World Bank will take away $8 million from the $98 million climate change fund pledged to Bangladesh so far, suggests a draft concept note of the government.  Of the climate aid, $5 million will go to the global lender as administration fees, and $3 million for project/proposal preparation, appraisal and supervision and analytical work, and capacity building activities related to climate change. The amount will make up more than 8 per cent of the climate fund so far pledged to the country by British and Danish official agencies. Bangladesh has adequate experience on risk reduction and disaster management. So, we have capacity to prepare our own projects. There have not any need to take assistance from World Bank.  

We, 21 Citizen Organisation protested involvement of World Bank in Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MTDF) during Bangladesh Development Forum held at Dhaka on 15-16 February 2010 and saw a strong voices of Government against World Bank involvement. People of Bangladesh got a hope! The the global citizen group also  protested, which bought together different groups, including Jubilee Debt Campaign and the Bangladeshi diaspora group, European Action Group on Climate Change in Bangladesh, was held in solidarity with campaigners in Bangladesh who were simultaneously creating a human chain outside the Bangladesh Development Forum in Dhaka, which the UK government is attending. The UK’s Department for International Development has said it wants Bangladesh to make a decision on the proposed deal, called the Multi Donor Trust Fund, during this meeting. However, the deal in its current form is being strongly resisted by Bangladeshi civil society and government because of concerns about how the money would be administered.

Tim Jones of the WDM said: “The UK must be careful not to fall into the pattern of its former colonial ways by imposing conditions on an independent country. The World Bank is a deeply mistrusted institution that through its lending to developing countries has increased inequality, carbon emissions and debt in those countries.”

Cut Down World Bank Finger in Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MTDF)

In a recent meeting with State Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud EU Ambassador remarks that, MDTF (multi donor trust fund) on climate change would be managed by World Bank. Although Minister remarks was a bit different that Bangladesh will have sole authority and technical assistance will be taken from World Bank. Since the beginning we are protesting any World Bank involvement in the fund, we are proposing that Bangladesh should have sovereignty over the fund and there should be separate foundation or board. Initially it was the proposal from DFID now EU has jioned in the band wagon.
We do like to protest the remarks, ie, all sort of conspiracy / pressure  of the donors whatever EU or DFID on this, EquityBD, along with 21 citizen group is  going to organise a rally / human chain in front of National Press Club, Dhaka, at 11 am  15th February 2010. We also invite you to join the programme and express your soliderity against World Bank.

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আন্তর্জাতিক মুদ্রা তহবিলের (আইএমএফ) ৩টি ঋণ প্রস্তাব প্রত্যাখ্যান করে বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকের গভর্নর ড. আতিউর রহমান বলেছেন, ঋণ নয় আইএমএফ সামাজিক নিরাপত্তার আওতায় বাজেটারি ও নীতিগত সহায়তা দিতে পারে। এছাড়াও শিক্ষা খাত এবং দারিদ্র্য বিমোচনে ঋণ সহায়তা দিতে আইএমএফকে আহ্বান জানান গভর্নর। তিনি আরো বলেন, বর্তমান পরিস্থিতিতে আইএমএফের প্রেসক্রিপসন অনুযায়ী ঋণ সহায়তার প্রয়োজন নেই।, 25.03.2010, The Daily Bhorer Kagoj; More News on Same Issues on 24.03.2010 in diffirent newspaper.

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বিশ্বব্যাংক-আইএমএফ আমাদের চেয়ে বাংলাদেশকে বেশি জানে না: জনতা ব্যাংকের ব্যবস্থাপক সম্মেলনে ড. বারকাত
বিশ্বব্যাংক ও ইন্টারন্যাশনাল মনিটারি ফান্ড (আইএমএফ)-এর সুপারিশ অনুসরণ করা উচিত নয় বলে মন্তব্য করেছেন জনতা ব্যাংকের চেয়ারম্যান অর্থনীতিবিদ ড. আবুল বারকাত। এর কারণ হিসেবে তিনি বলেছেন, আমি আমার দেশ সম্পর্কে যতটা ভাল জানি, সাদা চামড়ার মানুষরা ততটা ভালো করে জানে না। আমাদের সম্মিলিত জ্ঞান-বুদ্ধি দিয়ে নীতিমালা তৈরি করে আমরা অনেক দূর যেতে পারি। বাইরের লোক ডেকে পরামর্শ না নেয়াই ভালো।
 , Amader Orthoniti, 18 April 2010

বিশ্বব্যাংক-আইএমএফ এর বসন্তকালীন সভা এবং ১৬তম সার্ক শীর্ষ সম্মেলন বিষয়ক কিছু মূল্যায়ন, 19 April 2010, Online Knowledge Centre Forum Post


2 thoughts on “Unite against World Bank Conspiracy with Multi-Donor Trust Fund”

  1. Those who control the money control the power. In the United States, we know it as the Federal Reserve. Most of us, however, don’t realize that the Federal Reserve is a private, for-profit corporation. This is directly against the Constitution, which states that only Congress has the right to print money and regulate it’s value. Currently in America, with the gold standard being gone since 1971, the Federal Reserve and individual banks are able to inflate the national currency even further through the use of derivatives, while currently charging a 0% interest rate amongst themselves.

    With the existence of such groups as Bilderberg, G20, and Skull and Bones, and with policies such as the Patriot Act and PDD151 already a part of national legislation, what will it take for Americans to realize that the faces on TV do not control the country, unless by the will of these corporate and banking elites? Now, what will it take for Americans and the rest of the world to bring them down?

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