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Hearing a silent cry from one of my schoolmate about non-professional and inhuman treatment of micro-credit organisation, I posted my first article on 08 November 2007 in this blog asking him to be self-employed persons rather continuing  hard job like loan installment collection. The journey began as an amateur blogger just 2 years ago. I heard this silent cry in my heart in every steps from every persons who are employed to be survive destroying own dignity and honor which for we are working long hours for long days.

The second post on Accountability Charter of Local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) came to this blog after a six months interval. During that time, I worked at a local NGO network and as per ongoing activities, we conducted a national convention on Institutional Governance of Local NGOs and an accountability charter were developed, the post were nothing but the charter. 

Later, I posted only news related to development issues like agriculture, food security, public financing and public services, environment and climate changes, trade and investment, performances of goverment etc published in diffirent newspaper for updating the social activists and workers on contemprorary issues of development. During the last two years of my blogging, I posted total 334 news update and articles in this blog and total 11,504 visitor visited while 85 readers provided me valuable comments which have inspired me to use this blog as tool of social activism.

The second article I wrote on Public-Private Partnership on 08 June 2008 which were a talk of the town issues in Bangladesh in 2009 during the fiscal budget formulation of Bangaldesh and in the next. Once I heard about a poor women died lack of getting medical facilities in rural villege, it shocked me; And I wrote a very short article on it `A Poor Villeger Died’

In the next, in addtion of posting news update, I wrote on contemprorary issues like It is state democracy !Privatisation is not Solution; National Budget 2009-10People Participation in Public Policy; Education Vs Employment; Change We Need, But Climate! National Political Will: We Need It First!; Global Climate Change Debate: Where We are?; Role of IFIs; Climate Change Update; The Paradise LostMovement for Complacency not Enough, We Need IntegrityDreams is becoming Nightmare! Wake Up; Package deal between Bangaldesh and India; Focus on Integrity, Not Lead a life of Indulgence!; International Literacy Day, Again! etc.

From my experiences of social activism, I found that the people particularly the youths of Bangladesh are more creative and questing paths of using their creativity. Most of time, they kept down the hopes due to lack of getting proper guidelines or direction and lack of assistances! Online Knowledge Centre came in this ground in web and changed its focuses. Now I post only the links of news update and give emphasises to inspire the youths by showing them opportunities and creative interventions including  asking them to take a part  in discussion and to join campaign;

Only 3 days ago, aiming to aware and mobilise online youths to act in social causes, we have launched a campaign Climate First! Act Now  asking the readers to sign a petition. Total 51 readers signs the petition till now and you are requested to sign it. Your signature would encourage our youth activists to act more in the social causes.

From begining the journey with the slogan `Together We can Act More’; Now the time to act together. Online Knowledge Centre requires your valuable contribution, advises and suggessions to act more; so that we can say after a year, `together we have made a diffirence!’

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