Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at European Development Day 2009

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wajed  addressed the plenary session of the 4th European Development Day 2009, titled `Climate Change: The Road to Copenhagen and Beyond‘, on 24 October 2009 at the Victoria Hall in the Swedish capital.

Observing re-budgeting and readjusting of existing development assistance to developing countries, particularly LDCs, would jeopardize their ongoing projects and programs, she said that Bangladesh and other most vulnerable countries (MVC) to climate change are anxiously looking forward to Copenhagen.

The Following demands, she placed to the international communities to face the challeges of climate change:

  • Establishing a realistic fund for Bangladesh and other least developed and developing countries for their climate change requirements. 


  •  The financing to the climate victim nations should not be loans, and the scale of finance should be revised with changes in the adaptation needs.


  • The international community to reject all myopic, self-centred discords, reject the culture of excess and waste, to embrace one another’s responsibility, burden, prosperity, and live in harmony within the planet’s capacity.


  •  The climate change adaptation financing must be additional to and distinct from ODA targets of 0.7% of Gross National Income meant for the developing countries and 0.2% for LDCs by 2010, as reaffirmed in the Brussels Program of Action.


  • Besides, out of this fund, every year a substantial amount should be kept aside for adaptation needs of developing countries with maximum share going to low lying coastal countries, LDCs and the small-island developing countries.


  • Though Bangladesh established a US$ 45 million Climate Change Fund with own resources, and there is also a Multi-Donor Trust Fund of US$ 150 million with support of the United Kingdom, the amounts are meagre in comparison to the needs.


  • Adopting a new legal regime under the UNFCCC Protocol ensuring social, cultural and economic rehabilitation of climate refugees from COP 15 in Copenhagen.


  • The outcome in the Copenhagen meet must uphold the core principle of common but differentiated share of responsibility; assured, adequate, and easily accessible funding for adaptation; access to scientific information to climate change in sectors like risk reduction, water resources, agriculture, energy, urban planning and health disorders.


  • The Copenhagen meet must also ensure affordable, eco-friendly technology transfer to developing countries, particularly to LDCs; make maximum possible specific commitments for deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions for atmospheric stabilisation.


  • The post 2012 agreement must, however, incorporate predictable and legally binding commitments for addressing adaptation needs of low lying, coastal, and small-island developing states, and LDCs.


  • Establishing an international adaptation centre under UNFCCC.


  • Setting up  a Himalayan Council in the model of the Artic Council to assist similarly affected countries in facing the challenges of glacial melting in the Himalayas.


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