ThinkSocial Awards

Submission deadline: October 16, 2009.

ThinkSocial Awards: Submit Examples & Join Us in Recognizing Outstanding Innovations in Social MediaOn November 20th 2009, at The Paley Center for Media’s International Council Event, ThinkSocial will be recognizing three outstanding examples of innovation, featuring – an individual, an initiative and a collaboration between institutions, which together represent powerful models for how social media can be used to address global problems.

If you have a story to tell about an innovative use of social media that had a far-reaching impact, then we want to hear from you. If you represent an organization that is exploring the full potential of social media tools for the public interest then please submit your story by completing the submission form below. And follow us on Twitter for more details and updates on our inaugural ThinkSocial Awards.Categories:


  • Individual
  • Organization
  • Collaboration

A special commendation will also be awarded to the following:

  • A Platform Company
  • A Tool, Utility and/or Application
  • A Campaign


I.  Value of Information & Storytelling

  • Relevance & importance of information
  • Uniqueness of storytelling
  • Effectiveness of the written, graphic, video and audio presentation to convey information
  • Deftness in eliciting emotions, inspiration & action
  • Courageousness & success in overcoming obstacles in sharing the information/telling the story

II. Success at Enabling People to Take Action

  • Substance — ability to create impact
  • Design – clear, well constructed, easy to share, measurable, memorable, transparent
  • Evolution – improvement over time

III. Influence of the Initiative

  • Reach of the information & storytelling directly and through the mediascape
  • Scale of the actions & impact enabled by the calls to action
  • Promptness & timeliness in engaging with audience in quick and deft manner
  • Relevance of the model for awareness and action used by the initiative – influential and replicable by other efforts

Background to the Awards:

Over the past year the new communications platforms and applications collectively known as social media have taken center stage in the United States and the world’s democratic discourse and civic life. Much as the rise of broadcast media transformed our public, political, cultural and social institutions and practices – the use of social media is creating new turning points across a wide range of human activity.

Now is a perfect time to recognize and encourage those individuals, initiatives, and institutions which are demonstrating truly innovative and courageous leadership in the use of social media for public purposes.

Through this website we have already begun to highlight important social media work through interviews with leaders such as Craig Newmark and Jimmy Wales and though case studies of initiatives such as charity: water on our fast growing blog site ; and we have hosted events and created rich media around conversations with leaders such as Jacquelyn Novogratz of the Acumen Fund.In the coming weeks we will begin sharing with you examples on this site that we have selected through our research. ThinkSocial is of course a community driven initiative, so we’re also looking for your help to ensure our net is cast as widely as possible with regard to our selections.

Please get in touch if you have a story to tell about an innovative use of social media that had a far-reaching impact.  Perhaps you represent an organization that is exploring the full potential of social media tools for the public interest or you have personally interacted with a campaign, initiative or organization that you feel deserves recognition.

How to submit an entry:

1. If you have your own story that you would like to submit please complete the submission form. Your submission, if selected, will get featured on the ThinkSocial website.2. If you would like to recommend an example, you can do so by emailing through our site, or by reaching out through Twitter, or Facebook.

 Awards timeline:

Selection phase
September 09 – October 16th:

Public voting and feedback
October 19th – 23rd

October 26th-30th

Winners announced
November 5th

International Council Event and ThinkSocial Awards Luncheon and Cocktail Reception
November 20th


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