The Paradise Lost!

Oneday, a man came to our home during lunch period and demanded lunch. Lunch was given to him, he ate and went away. I felt inspired to know the story and knew that he demanded food in every home when he felt hungry! As per religious value, particularly sanatan, people should take his food after feeding a hungry people! The man demanded food based on this value and about all neighbours feed him belonging this faith.

In the rainy season, there have not any rainfall at and around my village where I went to spend a vacation for a week. The most of the people of my village including my family depends on agriculture and they are waiting for rainfall praying blesses of God. The rainy season already went away, but no rain there. The people of my villages said that the aman cultivation will be destroyed if rain does not appear within a month. Hope is there also!  From their experience, they knew that a moonson rain (Kartiki Kal Baishaki) will be occured in Kartick Mash (October-November) and the cultivation will be saved.

Climate Change is a hot issue of discussion worldwide! Bangladesh is a innocent victim of climate change, scientists and development activists warns time to time. The people of my villege does not aware about the climate change! They think, it is the natural process! God will solve the problem!

At my childhood, we lived in a room, built by mud. We felt cool at dry season and warm at wet session into the room. Now we have built a small building made by brick and steel. And it increased tempreture at dry season and reduced in wet season. So, I started to live under the tree during the hot day adjacent of my home to escape from hot tempreture! The tree gave me a fresh and apparently cold air.

The man who demanded food for feeding his empty stomach, he was a small farmers once. During the cultivation, he was busy in work. In the leisure period, he gave labour to others. But the time has changed. There is no work in villeges and he lost his land to feed his empty stomach. Now, he has no way to find any alternative but demanding food from others!

Once we felt paradise at our home, now it is lost! I felt it again once!

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