An example of Best Practice

On 22 August 2009 after early of the afternoon, I saw a appeal for Akhter (about 12), a injured boy of BDR incident  at  somewhereinblog, a popular Bangla Blogsite, posted by Syed Saiful Alam. The appeal said  `Chaymash Ghum Jabot Ghum Nei Choke Bap, Moron Chai, More Na Keno?‘ means it spent sleepless for 6 months, waiting for dead, why did it not come? 

Akhter, a tea boy who sells tea at street and as per regular event, he did it on 25 February 2009 at Dhanmondi Lake, a distance area of BDR headquater Pilkhana.  He heard some firing sound, but thought, Mohora means regular training of armed forces. Suddenly, bullets hurts him. Then he could not able to say the consequences. He was a major wage earner of his family although he was a child by the law. His was taken at his villege and his helpless father tried to save him investing all his wealth. But he did not recover? So, his father requested the bloggers who posted this appeal to do something for Akhter.

The blog posts came there and a tremendious support occured, but most of these mental support! A few days the bloggers wrote against the newspaper blaming that they never serve the poor. It enhanced the cooperation among the bloggers. Some economic and logistics support were ensured and Akhter was taken to Dhaka again for his treatment. Today I read that, the prime minister extended support Tk.1,00,000 to Akhter.

People while finds positive in any issues and extends hands from heart, anything is possible. The blogger have proved it and shown the power of people! We should learn from it!

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