Digital Bangladesh: Dreams is Becoming Nightmare! Wake Up

About 10 years ago while I just get a computer and learns only Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word; I read a news on Paperless Office. Bill Gates dreams it. I was then a newcommer in the digital world having just a computer. As part of my work, I had to manage a lot of data and I had to provide specific information to my boss during net-meeting. So, I had to maintain a plenty of hard files and folders. While I sat at meeting, I kept some special note and kept these hard files and folders also at my backside table. For preparing the special note, I had to invest a great chunk of time which hampered my day to day work. Consequently I had to work 9 AM to 10 PM, only 11 hours in a day at my office. Reading the news of paperless offices, I discussed with my immediate boss and as usual he said me, `while a person get a computer;  he thinks, he will be Bill Gates; so left your thinking of paperless office! Just keep your mind at work!’  Yes, I want to work, that’s why I am thinking about paperless offices. But I never delivered it to my immediate boss; because Boss is right, if boss is wrong, then just remember that boss is always right! I read these mordern management approaches. But I never be frustrated. Once I found a option of filter at Microsoft Excel and used it. Terrible, Ureka, I got it!  I just created a master file in my computer and moved the all hard files and folders from by file cabinet and table. And I was able to provide any sort of data to anybody within a click. I completed my official tasks within a hour and rest of the time, I had not any tasks to perform! So, it got me an opportunity to learn more about paperless offices  from web. And once I realised, it is possible, but impossible for us! Because our stereotype management system who does not want to learn anymore. So, if we want to make digital Bangladesh; we need to change our mind-set first; then the system will work.

In the recent days, we communicate people through mobile and internet. Through the social networking sites, the people are connected now almost with everybody. The Bangladeshi youths are also most active in the diffirent sites and everyday expresses their own opinion as per their interest. But how extent we are enable to use these potential! Do you think about it? Yes! You must have to think, if you want digital Bangladesh.

While I visited Government Websites for collecting information, I felt frustration! A very simple work like updates, never done at these website. So, why have the government published these sites? Everyday, we hear the cry of digital Bagladesh, but no signs are shown in practical world. So, if it continues, dreams become nightmare! So, please wake up! We need really digital Bangladesh.


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