Focus on Integrity, Not Lead a life of Indulgence!

As many of the young professional, Popy has been working for establishing women rights for 12 years, serving at a  local non-government organisation. From her experiences, she has realised that awareness alone never change any situation, there have something beyound it which we need to address if we really act for changing society positively. Say, the garment workers are now much more aware about their rights; but they are hardly claiming it. They did not claim, because they know, they will loss the job if they claim rights. There have a lot of trade union; but the workers hardly belive that they will act for workers. Consequently they are showing reluctancy to join in trade union. At about every home, women are maltreated at every steps  irrespective of educated or illiterate. We read newspaper and saw, women having highest degree of university are tortured everyday at every corners of  the country. Are these women unaware? Oviously not! They are aware, but they are not finding any alternative, but to lead a life  in such inhumane environment. So, we need to indentify the hidden cause of accepting violation of rights in our personal life. 

Hearing the simple statement of Popy, I felt to circulate this statement for feeding the thoughts of future changemakers. I think, we should re-think about our development activism which indicates the statement in a simple way. 

The Prothom Alo, a bangla daily has published a news today where it said that about 60 percent of wife are tortured physically by their husband. These women are educated and socially aware also. So, why awareness doesn’t work here? The development practitioners about from all over the world recommends to increase awareness of people for solving his/her problems and we are spending a plenty chunk of time, labour and finance to only increase awareness of people thinking that problem will be solved in this way! But reality is, awareness never work alone; so we are reading the news again that 60 percent wives are tortured physically by their husband.

For changing the people or society or state, we should understand the power-relation of diffirent stakeholders. I discussed these subject at another places and I think, it is relevant with this issues; so I put it here once again. At my presentation, I said that change is inevitable if you want it or try to avoid it. But if you perform an proactive role for change, then you can make an pressure the change as you desire. In any society, there have a large number of people and groups who are actively performs for change for persuing their own interest. These are the power and change comes according to these power relation. 

Without calculating this power relation, we have lauched a lot of campaign on diffirent issues and agenda’s; consequently these are ended or died without getting any fruitful results. Most of the time, we fall in indulgence at development works which does not proof our integrity. Everyday the development practitioners at every corner of the globe exercises many of the methods and approaches to solve the problems. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! Sometimes it is thrown to mislead! Development diplomacy occures in this way. So, we should focus on integrity, not lead a life of indulgence! if we want to solve our own problem.  


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