International Literacy Day, Again!

Halima (28), a domestic helper, having two daugther and a son, came to Dhaka from rural areas of Mymensigh for seaching livelihood. Most of the women came from rural areas, joins in the garments factory; but Halima  afraids to join there due to her illiteracy and lack of skills. Her husband spends the days in indolence and he has no headche to bear the family expenses. So, the husband makes some extra burden to Halima and consequently she left him home and came to Dhaka for searching employment for feeding her chicks. As a domestic helper, she hardly feeds her chicks from her earning,  only Tk.1400 per month from giving services at 4 homes. She never blames anybody for her fate, but herself and her poor parents who went to heaven without giving literacy to Halima. She thinks, if she could read and write, then she could join in the garments factory and earns more for feeding her child. A great learning she got from her own life; so she does not want to act the same which has done her parent. So, she asks  information about primary schools from her employers where she wish to admit her elder daughter. The employers fails to prodive her any positive response, because most of the employers do not know the location of the primary school; they just says, you can’t effort the educational expenses of your daugther while we also faces difficulties. Because education is a commodity here which is purchased by costs. But Halima never give up, she tries. From somewhere she is informed that Madrasha gives education of poor children free of costs; so she searches these madrasha, day by day after serving four homes in a day.

The story of Halima is not an exceptional case, if we search, we will find more and more around us at Dhaka city, particularly in the slum areas. Globally we have set a target to reduce halves of illiteracy within 2015. To reach the target, the global leaders meets and commits again and again; we get hope that now Halima could provide literacy to her daughter. But we disapponits to read the UNESCO report where they indicates till now about 7 crore 50 lacs child, including 3 lacs in Bangladesh are living out of education. Statistics, sometimes, mislead us; it supposes, the number of illiterate children never less than this counting. So, now we should provide the litteracy to these 3 lacs Bangaldeshi children from this day.


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