Change We Need, But the Climate!

Near of the Lukla Airport, a lake has been created within last 3 decades, Funuratna Sherpa, a Nepali Youth said to AFP. The Youth runs a cyber cafe for the tourists at the Lukla, most nearest city of Mount Everest. Refering his grandfather experiences, Funuratna said that 50 years ago, there was no lake. But it has created day by day due to melting graciers within last 3 decades due to increasing tempreture. He heard a forcasts from scientists that Imja glaciers turn about 70 meters per year and it creats lake in near of Dengbouch villege.  Funuratna fears that oneday his home in Dengbouch will go under water due to melting glaciers if tempreture rises in future.

Funuratna spreads the fear to us also. because our major river Padma and Brahmaputra comes from Himalayas. If the glaciers melts and if we can not stop it, then we will go under flood water while we also hearing the forecast of scientists that the coastal belt of Bangladesh will go under water for climate change due to rising tempreture.

So, we need to stop it. Yes, from Now! But how? Environmental activists and scientists asks the rich countries to  take measure to reduce greenhouse gas emission, major factor for climate change, 45 percent by 2020 and 95 percent 2050. But it seems that the global leaders hardly hear this cry, some of them are just crying for adaptation. Adaptation means technolology transfer; technology transfer means another business opportunity. How funny! the diplomacy on climate change.

In December of this year, the UN conference of parties (COP) is going to conduct its 15th conference to set a long term goals to tackle down climate change. Environmental activists are spending busy time to prepare the draft outline of COP-15. But would we win the diplomacy of rich countries?

To meet environmental challenge, most countries, back in 1992, joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The objective of UNFCCC is to stabilise the atmospheric content of greenhouse gases at a level that prevents dangerous human-made climate change. The convention is a “framework convention.” This means that it is a comprehensive tool for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but contains no binding obligations to reduce them.

Fear comes from it. Bearing all fear as losser, we should remind the rich countries that climate change does not create threat only for poor countries, rather it creates threat for human civilisation. So, if human civilisation destroys, then all diplomacy of yours will be defeated in a second. So, change we need, but the climate. This is the message.

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