Education vs Employment

Education! Yes, we need it. We need it to build ourselves. We need it to build our nations. We need it to end poverty. We need it to … … … etc etc etc. Am I right? May be!  May be becuase I have confusion. I am confused because in the poverty driven country like Bangladesh, we need education for employment. Employment! Yea, but what kinds of employment? Self-employment or provide services to state or multi-national corporations or corporate businesses?

The education which we get from colleges or universities, mostly the curriculum fails to inspire the student to be self-employed. The curriculum inspires and prepares us to be a skilled servants for state or corporations or corporate businesses. So, the universities, mostly the private universities teach business administration, computer sciences and technology, pharmacy, public health and some specific subjects which has demands in the job markets, in particular which is needed by corporation to running their business smoothly. 

Some people sometimes questions about some subjects like world religion, islamic history, japanese history, sangkrit, pali etc which teaches in public universities specially in Dhaka University. They thinks those subjects are unnecessary! Yes, these subjects are unnecessary, because these subjects does not provide adequate knowledge and skills for their business operation. Most of the students of these subjects are treated as poor in knowledge. 

The state needs a value based education where multi-dimensional knowledge and skills will be produced. Education doesn’t means to produce some personnel for corporate houses. But reality comes here. Most of the institution targets to produce people for corporations and business houses.

A large number of population also inspires in such education which will ensure job (a post mordern slavery) due to lack of poverty. About almost every graduate and their parents finds solution in job, but never thinks about self-employment which is needed for exploring creativity and innovation.

Bearing a mindset of post mordern slavery like job, how can we face the global neo-liberal economic era. This is the time, we must think about objective of education while the country is going to finalise her education policy in very near future.


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