A rare honesty

Rupchan, a poor rickshaw-puller, handed over Tk 2.50 lakh to the police after picking up the money from the road at Nilkhet in the city on Wednesday evening.

Hailing from Deobhog village under Palong upazila in Shariatpur, Rupchan came to Dhaka along with his wife and two children two years ago to change his lot but he could take profession of a rickshaw-puller only. He used to live in a slum at Keraniganj although he pulls rickshaw in the capital. He maintained the expenses of his four-member family in hardship with his little income.

On Wednesday, Rupchan picked up a packet abandoned on the road at Nilkhet crossing while he was pulling passenger, Ibrahim Munshi – a computer trader at Elephant Road in the evening. Reopening the packet, he found five bundles of Tk 500 denomination and immediately, he, along with the passenger, went to the New Market police station and deposited the money to the officer-in-charge Kamrul Islam.

Television channels telecast the incident at 11’O clock news on Wednesday and seeing it, Jahangir Alam – manager of Bengal Pacific Private Limited at Gulshan Niketon, contacted with the New Market police station and provided proof regarding the money.

Jahangir said that he went to old Dhaka with Tk 2.50 lakh in a packet to purchase plastic goods for the firm but he returned without purchase due to high price. He was passing the Nilkhet crossing in a rickshaw suddenly his mobile phone rang amid downpour in the evening.

Jahangir ran out to take shelter and receive the phone but he ignored that the packet of money was dropped from his pocket. Later, he came back to the place where he left the rickshaw but did not find the packet.

Immediately, Jahangir informed the matter to the firm owner, Shahedul Islam Helal – also the president of Bangladesh Chamber of Industries. Helal advised Jahangir to return to the office and not to think further about the money.

Being confirmed about owner of the money, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police commissioner, AKM Shahidul Hoque, called the owner and rickshaw puller at the DMP headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

Receiving the money, Jahangir instantly gave Tk 50,000 to Rupchan as reward for his honesty while the DMP commissioner also gave the poor rickshaw puller Tk 5,000 from his fund.

Source: The Daily Independent, 17 July 2009


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