ADB pledges assistance in development

Asian Development Bank (ADB) will assist in development efforts in Bangladesh, said Country Director Paul J Heytens yesterday.

The assurance came as Heytens met with State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Hasan Mahmud at his office.

Mahmud termed ADB an important development partner for Bangladesh.

The state minister sought assistance of ADB in development of the communication systems in Bangladesh. He said Bangladesh is now emphasising environment-friendly development.

Mahmud said it is vital to dredge rivers to facilitate water links.

Relying on solar power could reduce the power crisis in the country, Mahmud said. He also sought ADB cooperation in the production and instillation of solar power panels.

The state minister requested the ADB country director include his constituency, Rangunia, in the ADB development project taken under the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Rural Development Project.

Mahmud said Rangunia is important to communications between Chittagong and the CHT. Heytens accepted the state minister’s proposal and said Rangunia would be included in the project next year.

Heytens assured the state minister that his organisation would continue to cooperate in increasing efficiency in Bangladesh public administration, building a Digital Bangladesh, preventing climate change, and improving communications system and infrastructure.

Source: The Daily Star, 27 May 2009

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