Privatisation is not solution: Prothom Alo should re-assess the issues to generate public opinion

The most popular national daily, The Prothom Alo publishes a editorial today captioned `Principle to stop privatisation of State Owned Enterprises is a impossible recommendation of Government’. The editorial says,  `inclusion of the principle in draft Industrial policy to not privatised any more state owned enterprises (SOEs) is a sudden decision of government and the government says that it will serve the interest of the nation. But how much it is real and true, will it serve the interest of nation or destroy; it demands more assessment’. The editorial also suggests that we should avoid any kinds of dramatic changes during the time of global financial crisises. The whole editorial tries to generate a public opinion for privatisation of the state owned enterprises.

As an ordinary people, I feel to ask the editor of this daily, what are the real scenerio’s of privatisaiton of state owned enterprises? Earlier a number of enterprises is privatised, what are the results? This is the time to assess. We should do it. Throught he newspaper, we read that the privatised enterprises are not activated; the owners of these enterprises have tried to sell the lands which are illegal according to privatisation laws. It is the real scenerio of Privatisation.

If the state owned enterprises make loss, it is the management problem. So, it is not solution to privatise these without thinking to improve the management of the enterprises. In the free market system, the financial institutions, most of the time to serve the interest of multi-national and transnational companies, prescribes and makes illegal pressure to government to privatise the state owned enterprises. Not only that, they are creating an environment of corruption, facilatating mal-practices within the enterprises, so that the enterprises make loss and they can show this proof for privatisation. It is the free-market corruption.

What are the impacts of privatisation? Job lossess! Inspire the bussiness people in politics to serve the vested interest of business which weaken the state! Generate Corruption! Low Wages for workers! Slavery in the workplaces! 

Before generating public opinion, we should think about the reality of our country. As a popular daily like The Prothom Alo, we demands more responsibility from them.


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