It is State Democracy (!)

Terrorism organised by Islamic fanatics is a global problem now which had been created by the United States once to face the communists ideology. The State realised the danger while these fanatics hit twin tower and then they started to speak aganist these fanatics and started an new era to uproot these fanatics from the globe. In Afganistan, it is assumed that Taliban, specially Osama Bin Laden grew up with take care of United States and the States used these fanactics against Soviet regime.

After fall down the Soviet,  an uni-polar regime of United States spreaded out over the globe except Islamic Fanatics who threw out some challenges to States. The story is wel-known. Bangladesh also a worse victim of these policy where a organised group of islamic militancy were trying to grow dangerous treats to the nation.

In Pakistan, in the recent days, we found the Taliban tried to capture the Pakistan, specially the atomic power plants. Not only United States, the globle found it as a global threats which should uprooted by any means. By violating democracy! Off course Not! The United States assesses that the government leaded by Asif Ali Zardari is a weak government to face the Taliban, so State pressured Zardari to include Nawaj Sharif in Government. It should be done. A national concensus should be made to face such kind of threat. But not by the pressure of outsiders like United States.

The people of Pakistan gave the power to Zardari through general election, so it is the responsibility of Zardari government to protect the nation from any kind of threat. But while any outsiders knocked it through prescribing policy or anything, it is not fair. It is democratic process which is done by United States. It is the State Democracy, which they practiced all over the globe!


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