Garments Pioneer Foundation: An Inspising Initiative

30 years ago, Late Nurul Kader established a garment in Chittagong on 1979. The older workers of the garments founded Garments Pioneer Foundation to mark three decade of its history.  An inagural ceremony is held at the capital where FBCCI president Anisul Haque and BGMEA President Abdus Salam Mushedy spoke while Rokeya Kader Chaired in this programme.

F K Mahmud, S K Rashed, Anower H Chowdhury,  Managing Director of AJ International;  Faruqe Al Naser, Chairman of Shanin Group; Emdadul Islam, Director of Babilon Group and Mohammad Nuruddin, Managing Director of AfText were also spoke in this programme.

Source: The Daily Prothom Alo, 03 May 2009

The Garments could set such kind of the foundation to welfare of the workers to set an example of industrial relations in the country.


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